Two Outfits, One Day


One of the reasons why I love basics so much is that I can create multiple styles from just a few pieces of clothing. With the right accessories, the possibilities are endless. This is what I kept in mind when I thought of last Wednesday's outfit. My friend told me to come up with my best look since he would be shooting Engineering students' #ootds. When he told me that last Monday, I came up with about 4 different looks but ended up settling for this one, something that wasn't among my original 4 choices. Haha! Last minute again! It's amazing cause I also ended up creating another look from the pieces I was wearing without meaning to.

Catching Fire


#sootd sister ootd: florals and pink

*disclaimer: slightly embarrassing display of desperation, but please, feel free to laugh at my expense :))

Last Saturday, I woke up to texts from my mother telling me that Jeron Teng was in Paradise Island with his mom and dad, that there weren't much people there and that she got a photo with him. First reaction was "FUUUU" and I woke up and told all my sisters. We all agreed that we just had to go! I mean, this was our chance to meet him and get a photo with him away from the prying eye of the public (chos). You know what I mean right, yung walang kaagaw.

The Little Things


Finally made time to blog!

I have so much to share that I feel like blog post vomiting (similar to Cady Heron's word vomit) but I'm going to control myself. One at a time. First of all, congratulations to all my new chemical engineer friends! My friends and batch mates from college took the board exams last Tuesday to Thursday and got the results last night. It seems surreal to me, since I can still vividly recall those class times I spent with them. I mean, I'm aware they graduated (see emo post here), but now they have the "Engr" title attached to their name, it seems all the more legit, like it finally cemented their "grown up" status. Haha! But I'm sure if it's surreal to me, it feels all the more surreal to them! So congrats guys, all your hard work paid off! :)

Anyway, I was initially planning to blog about missed connections. You know, that thing when you run into someone and have this momentary spark? (You'll know why soon!) But I decided not to because aside from the fact that it's sort of depressing (although hopeful at the same time; it's a hopeful kind of depressing then), I got inspired by Vern and Verniece's list of things that make life a bit better so I made a list of my own! Since Christmas is coming soon, it's time to spread the good cheer! :) :) :)



Remember in my last post, I said that I'd be using and abusing this maroon skirt? Well here it is, making a consecutive appearance. I used to be really conscious of whether people would notice that I repeat my clothes since I'm supposedly a fashion blogger but I've come to realize that for one, I blog not for the sponsorships therefore it'd be unrealistic to wear different clothing all the time and two, I think this fact that I repeat clothes is the thing that makes me "human" (or in celeb-speak, "reachable"). This is probably also the fact that makes me different, because at least with a limited amount of clothing I am able to remix styles and create different kinds of looks. Besides, I'm just reaaaallly picky when it comes to clothes. When I buy clothes (especially more expensive pieces), I just have to be able to wear it in more than 7 ways.

Trendspotting: Tartan


One of the hottest trends that made a comeback this year was the grunge look. Many of us associate that look with denim polos, boots and more often than not, plaid prints. Tartan, plaid's Scottish cousin, also made appearances on this year's runway. Both are among fall/autumn 2013's hottest looks. So anyway, I was making my rounds on the blogosphere, I saw posts (that followed each other, no less!) from the international bloggers I follow, wearing tartan.

Comeback Kid


 The past two weeks were probably the longest I went on without updating my blog. As you know, I try to keep it a week tops without blogging. I've promised to try to blog as much as I can since it was our semestral break but I was busy. Ironic how I get to blog more often during school days when I'm supposedly busier, right? Anyway, I'm sure most of you didn't miss me as much since you all probably have been enjoying your own breaks. *drama*


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