Remember in my last post, I said that I'd be using and abusing this maroon skirt? Well here it is, making a consecutive appearance. I used to be really conscious of whether people would notice that I repeat my clothes since I'm supposedly a fashion blogger but I've come to realize that for one, I blog not for the sponsorships therefore it'd be unrealistic to wear different clothing all the time and two, I think this fact that I repeat clothes is the thing that makes me "human" (or in celeb-speak, "reachable"). This is probably also the fact that makes me different, because at least with a limited amount of clothing I am able to remix styles and create different kinds of looks. Besides, I'm just reaaaallly picky when it comes to clothes. When I buy clothes (especially more expensive pieces), I just have to be able to wear it in more than 7 ways.

So the first way was the grungy contrast way and this one's my "modern" take on the preppy way. I've always wanted to try preppy looks but when I think of preppy, I immediately think Rachel Berry on Glee before she went to New York. I just can't do the whole knee sock thing and Peter Pan collar, so I got some elements of the preppy look that I like. I went for the Blair Waldorf, Constance Billard private school style. (Gawd I miss Gossip Girl)

To me private school preppy always has these colors: navy, maroon, black, white and gray (sometimes, red as well). So these are the colors I chose to pair. Funny enough, when I dropped by Forever 21 after meeting up with Mithi, these (navy, gray and maroon) were the same colors on their latest collection. Oh oh, I'm faaaaashion forward baby! Haha /creditwhore =))

cardigan: Landmark || striped top: Mango || skirt: Cotton On || shoes: SM Parisian || photos: Mithi

Oh and please notice the fact that I substituted the usual structured preppy blazer with a relaxed cardigan. I am changing! I really am headed towards the street style sensibility, what with my sister's denim jacket replacing my blazers in most of my looks. I mean, my blazers have been untouched since July =)) So anyway, I just chose to post this look tonight cause it's the first washday of the semester tomorrow and I think the look is apt, if I do say so myself. It's relaxed and perfect for school AND the colors are the colors of the fall season :-)

Mithi changed the setting to multi-shot and got all my awkward moments on cam! Haha

What do you think? :)

By the way, the recent tropical storm Yolanda (international: Haiyan) recently ravaged our country leaving 10,000 people (as of writing) dead. We were still reeling over that 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol and now this. Watching the news just breaks my heart. If you could just see it, it's like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie with debris everywhere and people walking aimlessly in search for food. I have friends from the dorm who are from Leyte and their statuses on Facebook bargaining to just hear from their loved ones just crushes me. :(

By all means, please help by donating food (canned goods, rice, WATER most especially), medicines, toiletries (soap, shampoo, diapers, sanitary pads, etc), clothes, candles and matches, woven mats (banig) and body bags. 

You can also donate cash through Red Cross 
send RED AMOUNT to 2899 for Globe or 4143 for Smart

or through the foundations of the media groups like ABS CBN's Sagip Kapamilya, GMA's Kapuso Foundation or TV5's Alagang Kapatid Foundation. Most major malls and establishments also serve as drop-off points for donations.

If not, try to at least volunteer, share important information on your social media accounts and don't forget to pray for the Philippines.


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