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Finally made time to blog!

I have so much to share that I feel like blog post vomiting (similar to Cady Heron's word vomit) but I'm going to control myself. One at a time. First of all, congratulations to all my new chemical engineer friends! My friends and batch mates from college took the board exams last Tuesday to Thursday and got the results last night. It seems surreal to me, since I can still vividly recall those class times I spent with them. I mean, I'm aware they graduated (see emo post here), but now they have the "Engr" title attached to their name, it seems all the more legit, like it finally cemented their "grown up" status. Haha! But I'm sure if it's surreal to me, it feels all the more surreal to them! So congrats guys, all your hard work paid off! :)

Anyway, I was initially planning to blog about missed connections. You know, that thing when you run into someone and have this momentary spark? (You'll know why soon!) But I decided not to because aside from the fact that it's sort of depressing (although hopeful at the same time; it's a hopeful kind of depressing then), I got inspired by Vern and Verniece's list of things that make life a bit better so I made a list of my own! Since Christmas is coming soon, it's time to spread the good cheer! :) :) :)

1.  Seeing Christmas lights. As I grow older, I notice that less and less houses put up Christmas lights so when I see a house that does, I appreciate it the effort that went behind it. I dunno, seeing those lights bring out my inner child. :)

2. Homemade (and freshly baked) chocolate chip cookies. Someone give me some please?

3. Reading old text exchanges with my friends. I keep old (funny) texts, a habit I picked up from Mithi.

4. Getting "I miss you" texts from my friends. My friends and I aren't very vocal about our feelings so when I get a random text from any of them saying they miss me, it means a lot. :"> 

5. Talking to nice cab/jeepney drivers. Commuting (and for them, driving public transport) can be stressful so it's nice to come across people who take these things lightly. I always welcome looking at life through a fresh perspective.

6. Hugs

7. Freshly changed sheets

8. Being able to solve a challenging problem. Haha. Engineer mode in action! Plus, I love it when I'm one of the few that gets to solve it. Super ego boost! =))

9. When I leave the nail salon and my manicure hasn't chipped. I'm a bad manicure handler so this makes me happy. :)

10. WHEN PEOPLE COMMENT ON MY BLOG POST. *wink* So I know I'm not talking to myself! :)

11. Getting handwritten letters/notes. I always keep these! Send me one? :)

12. Cloudy days. There is something exciting about them, not knowing whether it would rain or not! They're so rare! Plus, the fact the sun's not out makes me happy.

13. Getting enough sleep.

14. Waking up to breakfast in the morning. 

15. The smell of new/old books. I'm the weird girl who sniffs books in the bookstore. :P (Have you read that photo-quote wishing that guys would pick a girl up by buying her her favorite book at the bookshop? Yeah I totally feel the same)

denim jacket: Felicia || skirt and shoes: Cotton On || photos: Mithi
16.  My extremely wet post-workout shirt. Haha! Although I hate getting sweaty! (see #12)
17. Dinner and car conversations with the whole fam--especially the type wherein you don't want to leave the table! :)
18. Receiving a reply to a fan tweet/email you sent--and getting some form of that as well! :) :) :)
19. Wednesday and Sunday radio. cause they play the "old" 90's-early 2000's songs :)
20. Being productive!

21. When your trainer tells you you're doing better at boxing ORRR beating your time at Crossfit ORRR realizing you need to move up weights cause the current ones don't challenge you anymore! Haha. I miss the gym :(

22.  Realizing that what lies ahead was better than you left behind. Totally agree with Vern and Verniece on this one.
Anything else you can add? :)

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  1. 11. Getting handwritten letters/notes.

    Ahhhh <3 I love the feeling as well! and the feeling of writing ones. :>
    Advanced merry christmas farreeeh~ so sad tayo nakapagkita nung umuwi ako. :(

    and naks #22. I LOVE IT. <3

    1. AHHHH #10! :) haha juj di ka man nagtext :( December nalang uli! Malay mo, magkaka-accidental meeting uli sa SM like last year :)



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