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*disclaimer: slightly embarrassing display of desperation, but please, feel free to laugh at my expense :))

Last Saturday, I woke up to texts from my mother telling me that Jeron Teng was in Paradise Island with his mom and dad, that there weren't much people there and that she got a photo with him. First reaction was "FUUUU" and I woke up and told all my sisters. We all agreed that we just had to go! I mean, this was our chance to meet him and get a photo with him away from the prying eye of the public (chos). You know what I mean right, yung walang kaagaw.

Turns out that text my mom sent were from my aunt. She called me up right after I bathed (wherein I was mulling over whether to really go or not cause I had a sprain and wanted to save my energy for the next day wherein I'd be watching the PBA game) and she was saying that he was jetskiing alone and not a lot of people were approaching him, and that he was like 5-6 tables away from them and they were with a childhood friend of his dad's whom my aunt knew. Stuff like that that just made us want to go all the more cause they guaranteed a photo!

I like Jeric better though, but I thought that here life was, bearing some excitement for me so I just took it on. It was a really good day; it was cloudy. And there's something about cloudy days that make you feel like you're invincible and that you can take life by the horns and wrestle it to do your bidding (wow, so deep) so I went. Besides, if I didn't, I'd be home alone. And when my sisters would get home, I'd get jealous of all their stories. Haha. Besides, I told Lea I would try to get her something.
Grabe! I rode a wheelchair from the wharf to the beachfront where we rode the boat. It was doubly embarrassing cause manong dragged me like I was cargo instead of pushing me (see photo below), plus people were staring.. but no. All for the sake of fan girling.
When we got down the boat, my uncle was swimming and he told us to hurry cause they just left. As in JUST. LEFT. In fact, as I was being wheeled to the entrance part, I could see them walking up to the zoo part. My sister ran up without paying for entrance just to catch him. Then my uncle, who was such a stage uncle, told the guard to wheel me up there too so I could take a photo with him daw wheeling me. I even thought of a great caption: "with my sexy nurse" WOW no? But then when I finally got up to the zoo part, my sisters and cousins welcomed me saying "they left already" :( Aww. All the chase for nothing (and I really felt sorry for the poor guard cause it was an uphill climb and then I'm heavy pa naman). My sisters and cousins did get photos though...and Jeron's water bottle.
My cousin narrated that when they were having their items signed, she told them "Pano na si ate Far? Ay mas gusto nya man si Jeric" to which Jeron smirked and said "Uy, you watch my brother's game tomorrow ah". Lol. I was sad but I thought I'd be at the game the next day; I might get a photo. I didn't get to though cause they (the team and Jeron and his parents) left for the dugout right away (can I just say pinilahan si Jeron after the game that he wasn't able to leave immediately). I also didn't expect the HOARDS of people waiting outside (plus I was all alone then and scared to wrestle with the crowd, what with my foot!) so I didn't get to. :( I did get to see Jeric up close, and did get to see him play his first PBA game. That's still something, right? :o
You know the funny AND sad thing? My guy classmates and I were talking the next day about the game the day before. I was proud pa cause I watched it live and then my classmate who played for the Ateneo basketball varsity in the Unigames alongside UAAP teams said that they were at McDonald's Sta. Ana the night before. He was there with his friend who was reviewing for the boards when the Teng brothers came in. Then Jeric spotted him and greeted him saying, "Uy, Unigames diba?" AND THEN HE TREATED HIM AND HIS FRIEND. Omigod. I was so jealous. My friend didn't even try to look for him or what (cause that would've been gay too) but buti pa siya, he saw them!!! 
paparazzi put my business in the news
And that my friends, is the reason why I wanted to write about missed connections. I just thought about it. We were at the same place but we didn't even get to see each other (well, I saw him/them. They didn't see me). I wonder about other missed connections as well. What if we already met someone (like maybe, The One) previously but didn't know it? Then we meet them a few years later? It's like, we could've had this earlier. We could've had more years! It makes for an intriguing story don't you think? But nothing new, as it's something that's been explored in films. (Damn movies for planting these things in my head)
 But when I left that stadium I thought, perhaps that's why you meet people when you meet people. You meet them when you're ready. There are perfect timings, and God always gives us things at the perfect time. Missed connections--although could be hopeful, are more likely to be just people's way of romanticizing things--make us dwell on the what ifs. And even though we can't help but think of the "what ifs", they undoubtedly just make our lives a bit more miserable. Why do we always create trouble for ourselves? Why must we complicate things? The what if's are something we'll always never know.
So when I thought of this, I stopped being sad and instead look forward to the future to the perfect time when I could meet them maybe. Maybe I'd get something more personal than a fan encounter? Maybe I'd get to meet them via a friend who's their friend too? Maybe someone will link this to them and they'd want to meet me instead (HAHA)? Maybe when I do get to meet them I won't be such a fan anymore? Maybe I won't get to meet them? I don't know. But aren't possibilities for the future much more fun to conjure than regrets (aka what ifs)? 
I made a way to see them but still, nothing happened. I mean, if that isn't a call from the universe that it's not time, then it's not. All I know is, at least I had fun that weekend. :)
(Though until now I can't believe that "almost encounter" was just last week!)
PS. My lola called my mom up when we were on our little beach adventure. When my mom told us what we were up to, my lola said "Great! So they can have boyfriends na!" *facepalm*
Tell me what you think! Haha

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