Farewell 2011


My last post for 2011.

I don't know how I feel, saying goodbye to one roller coaster ride of a year! Just wanted to leave you with this post on what I learned from 2011: Sometimes. taking a risk pays off. God has great plans for our life, better than what we've planned for ourselves. So if you feel like something is going wrong, stop and let Him take the reins because it is better to entrust your life to He who is all-knowing. 

I also have to apologize to you guys for not having the time to audit the blog giveaway entries. My friends suggested that I use random.org and the number chosen will be from the comment number, but I had bonus mechanics worth 3 entries, and that would feel like I was cheating you! So, manual talaga! So sorry, I've been out the past 3 days for 8 hours at a time. I get home around 11pm, log on to finish work stuff and sleep at 3am, start over. Intense, but I love the feeling of being productive.

Anyway, I digress.


Hey, daydreamer


So, supposedly, 2012 is the end of the world. If so, I have roughly 12 months to do all these.

I only have 3 major, realistic things I want in life and that is to pursue my passion, to travel and to learn things along the way. I wish for love also, sometimes, but if I'm meant to be alone, so be it.

So, tah daah. A glimpse into my bucket list. I'd love to see yours too!


19 Things to do before turning 20 (100th post)

I love my friends!

We just have the weirdest 'trips' that when we look back and reminisce, we tend to cringe and laugh at ourselves! Well, we just turned 20 in 2011 and now we think we're so cool, mature and grown up! But seriously, we really did some pretty funny, cringe-worthy shit, one of which I'm going to share: Our 19 things to do before turning 20 list

As the name implies, it is a bucket list of stuff we should do before turning 20. I'm sharing this to you because it's given me and my friends a few good laughs, and I hope it will inspire you to make a list and have a few laughs with your friends as well. Plus, this is me saying goodbye to parts of our old, immature selves and hello to a fresh mature 2012.

Wishlist Wednesday: Techie Edition!


It's been a good few months since my return to blogging!
Never would I have thought that in 3 months, I would have gained 236 followers, hosted 13 giveaways and gotten online shops I usually see on more famous blogs as sponsors for my own giveaways!
Because of my blog, I've been given opportunities I would never had imagined getting (eg: getting the job as SOUL Lifestyle's SMA and a CollegeFashionista internship)

So yes, I'm very grateful. Yet, it's human nature to actually never be contented, and I am very much human. So for 2012, I am hoping for better things and improvements for my blog.

As most of you might know, I am so not a techie! I don't know how to edit photos using Photoshop, increase my page rank, do SEO work, etc. So, here are my wishies for my blog:

1) A blog header

(screenshots from TWR, BMS and Paradigma)

I think the header shows the identity of you and your blog, so it would kind of suck to still stick with a title in just a lame font style from Blogger. Maybe I'll have one made by Charlene Ajose, her works are awesome! My friend Mia Durano had her's made my Charlene, super nice.
Or Aidx, if you get to read this, make me one! Christmas gift! :D Or maybe I should do another contest for this. I wonder if anyone would join though. Hmm..

2) My own domain

My blog name is too long for life, I know!

I don't know how to get cheap domains, so wishing someone would help me with this. By the way, what should I get?

a) thestylereactor.com?
b) stylereactor.com?

or do you think that me referring to myself as The Style Reactor is too pretentious? Would you have something else to suggest? Would reeeeaaaaaalllllly love to hear what you think!

Christmas Swag + Giveaway Winners


Here are the presents I received this Christmas:

Top to bottom:
(1) Personalized weekly Calendar from Mimi and Jun for SOUL SMA duties
(2) Personalized gift wrap Aidx made
(3) Stainless Longganisa by Bob Ong from Aidx
(Kris Kringle w/ SOUL team)
(4) giraffe/tiger print scarf from Ninong Rodney and Tita Rochelle
(they also gave me the ring I wore here)
(5) File organizer from my sister, Felicia
I need this in my life!

Thank you everyone!

People's Princess

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Janilyn
Ring: from my ninong

Just wanted to show you what I wore last night. Like I said, my dress reminds me of Kate Middleton's Issa dress which she wore to her wedding engagement announcement. I chose People's Princess as the title cause my dress reminds me of Kate Middleton and my shoes remind me of Blair Waldorf. :) Has anyone else noticed Gossip Girl is slowly starting to mirror real life? The car crash with Chuck was so Princess Diana!

Sorry about the low quality photo. My camera died on me at the last second.

Bloggers' Meet and Greet


A post before I get ready for our annual family Christmas party on what went down yesterday.
I was at the mall for a whopping 9 hours!
I told myself, I'd reached my Abreeza quota for the year and shouldn't come back, but I had to return today. So much for that.

I went to Abreeza to stop by for the Meet and Greet at WAGW.

Holiday Shopping!

Thank God for Abreeza, big-sized clothing and more and better selections to choose from. We don't have to rely on the packages with clothes that my lola sends us from the States every year. Usually, they arrive late and we still have to find stuff to wear, which is hard considering my sisters and I are all big boned! Call it European sizes, I say!

Got 2 dresses for Christmas and New Year at Dorothy Perkins! Finally, I have no excuse to look like a mom, like Christmas 2009. *shudders*
The pink one is for tonight, the metallic one is for New Year's! Outfit-ey post soon!

Shoes are from Janilyn. I love them! They remind me of SJP's Manolos in the first SATC movie. It also looks like something Blair Waldorf would wear--in flats form.

I plan to accessorize with a turquoise cuff from SOUL Lifestyle. I got the necklace for my sister!

I could have easily went the usual black and pink way by choosing black shoes and black accessories, or you know, just pairing my dress with neutrals, but starting right now, I am resolving to start wearing more color!

So, 2011 Fashion Resolution to wear more color? CHECK! :)

Happy Holidays, loves!

Lory's Hair Cream + giveaway winner


So, I just finally, finally, finally finished auditing all the entries for the first giveaway! (6 more to go huhu)
Thank you all for joining my giveaway and thank you to the Lory's hair cream team for sponsoring my giveaway.


Reunited and it feels so good


Just a quick post before I have to rush off again!

Seriously, I've been on break for 5 days already but I have yet to rest. I've been out non-stop since Sunday so I haven't had time to audit the blog giveaway entries...and I have 12 giveaways. Oh, help me. When I thought of doing a 12 day giveaway, it never occurred to me the logistics of this thing. Good thing I came into my senses and asked everyone to do a per comment thing. Next time, I'm using Rafflecopter or Google Docs, I swear! So much for me naively thinking I'd be able to blog a lot this Christmas break.

Thank you all by the way for joining and supporting my giveaways :)

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 11 and 12 **CLOSED**


Good day giveaway-aholics! 

I wasn't planning on posting a giveaway today cause we were supposed to have an exam. I thought I'd be spending the whole day in school but for the second time around, our exam was cancelled and moved. Oh well. 

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for the support to my giveaways. My blog reached 10,000++ views already! I hope that you'd still continue to check back every now and then and comment on the entries besides the giveaway ones. Thank you also for liking my shop StyledUp's page! We've reached 250+ likes already. As promised, I'll be doing a giveaway for StyledUP soon. :)

Last two giveaways but I'll be posting them in one entry. I dunno how I'll divide the prizes yet but I was thinking that I would just surprise the winners. :)

Up for grabs are:

a Frenchbraid Necklace in Royal Blue/Orange from Extremefinds Davao

Wishlist Wednesday: Christmas Edition!

Hi friendsies!

Gift ideas if you're willing to you know... spend for me. :-)

I haven't been the best girl this year and yet I've received so many blessings despite that. I haven't been big on asking for gifts. I mean, if people want to give me, then great but I don't want to be the one to tell them outright that "Hey! I want a gift from you!" But if they don't give me, then it's okay. I never really expect. Lately, I haven't been a huge gift buyer myself.

1) Filed 2012 planner

I wanna try something new. I've tried planners that have their weeks set out vertically (Belle du Jour). I still also like Belle du Jour though. I've bought BDJ for 2009 and 2010. My planner this year was a blank one from NBS cause I thought I'd be able to dooooooooooodle on it, but I didn't have enough time. I more of treated it as a diary instead of a planner though. The Filed planner has weeks set out horizontally so there's more space for my to-do's and little doodles.  :)

I'm definitely a planner girl. As in I really design them, etc. I'd love to show you photos of my past planners soon. =)

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 10 **CLOSED**


Hello everyone!

My giveaway was supposed to end yesterday but again, laziness got the best of me. Sorry about that. Well anyway, here's what you can win on day 10 of my giveaway!

Here's the Mail, It never fails, It makes me wanna wag my tail


...when it comes I wanna wail... 

Sharing to you some stuff I got in the mail recently.

1) Necklaces from Freestyle Necklaces for my blog giveaway!
Thank you Marvin and Claudine! :)

2) 2 keyboard rings and felt peony headband from Curls and Twirls for my blog giveaway!
Thank you Gen! :)

3) Floral cropped top from Pirouette for my blog giveaway!
Thank you Acha!

4) Paris and mustache ring (Feebee's order online)
and other assorted accessories from Peaches on Top.

Thank you Phya! :)

5) Tops from Cheyser!

I was shocked when I received a package I didn't know about and then Cheyser texted me asking, "did you get what I sent you?" She sent me a purple sweater, pink cardigan and floral top but the floral top didn't fit me. Haha.

Thanks again, C!

Cheyser is so nice! She even asked me if I wanted shoes. She definitely deserves everything she has right now! So everyone, if you want to be successful, do good. It takes a long time to pay off, but it will. :)

Only 3 more giveaways to goooo! I'm still waiting for confirmation and photos from other sponsors. These sponsors will be the ones to send the items to the winners :)

Shop in Spotlight: Christine Angela Designs

Everyone wants to make a mark in the world. For Christine Angela Sevilla, she wants to leave her mark by having her own clothing shop which is why  chose to name her shop after herself. She envisions Christine Angela Designs to make it big.

She's always been into fashion but it was only two months ago, just a few weeks before her last term in college ended, that she started her online shop. She says, "As I stepped into college, an eagerness in me to break free from the usual things that I had no choice but to submit to. I hated doing routine work and doing things where I just couldn't find the importance in them. Every day, as I was in the car looking out of the window, I always imagined having to do something that I love - something that I know I can shine. I would dream hard of being the person that I want to be and being that lady who gets to have fun while working for herself."

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 9 **CLOSED**


Two giveaways in one day!

This time you can win a

PHP 1000 gift certificate to RP Online Shop!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 8 **CLOSED**

As I've said in my previous post, I'm giving away a gift set from Leyende.

Included in the giveaway is:
* A gift set which includes samples of Massage in a Bottle (Massage and Body Oil), Smoothie Operator (Bath and Shower Gel) and Kiss kiss Lipbalm in Froyo
*Cool Hand Soup (Hand Sanitizer)
*Clean Slate (Facial Cleanser/ make-up remover)

All of these will come in a Leyende cloth bag :)

Clean Slate is the one I mentioned here that was one of their gifts that give. For every purchase of Clean Slate, a portion goes to their SchoolH.O.U.S.E Program.

Leyende: the Story of Skin


I went to a blogger's event yesterday, hosted by Leyende and Green Options.

So, for all of you who are not familiar with Leyende, it's a Filipino brand that produces Philippine handmade, eco-friendly, natural and organic lotions, moisturizers, hair care and body care products. They had an event awhile ago to launch their partnership with Green Options, Davao. Green Options is the exclusive distributor of Leyende in Davao.

I really enjoyed! I love beauty products, much more those that I am sure will NOT harm my skin! Plus, when the owner/founder of Leyende, Neva Kares Tallendes spoke about the background and advocacy of Leyende, I was truly inspired! Among my fashion design/stylist/make-up artist dreams lies another one wherein I wish to have a sustainable eco-business. Most probably in cosmetics also cause I would love to apply my Chemical Engineering background. Such a waste if I don't put it to good use. I've been slaving around for how many years now in this course. :))

Leyende, came from the Spanish word leyenda, meaning "legend" or "story". It was born out of Neva's need. She shared that her first passion was truly writing, but then an adult onset of skin problems as well as a lack of natural and organic products in the market prompted her to start her own line of products.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 7 **CLOSED**


Ack! I owe everyone 2 days of giveaways already!

Sorry again for the delayed updates. My USB got a virus and everything got erased! :(
Plus, got really tired last night! Can't believe it was only Tuesday yet I was already so exhausted.
Between school and work, I have no time for fun fun. I haven't even watched Breaking Dawn yet, and I want to because I watched all other 3 Twilight movies in the cinema. (It's okay, you can judge me for it.) I'm not complaining though. I'm so blessed I am able to do something I love. It's tempting to forego school altogether because work is much more fun to do, but I can't. I won't. Of course I won't.

A college degree is still important, kiddos.

So anyway, I know no one wants to hear my ramblings. You're all just in it to win it. Still, thank you all though for following my blog. I'm happy cause a lot more people joined my giveaways now than the first time. Hihi :'>

Up for grabs today is a...

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 5&6 **CLOSED**


Sorry I didn't post a giveaway yesterday! 
I was too lazy to (and yet I posted 2 other entries! Haha!), and so that there'd be more breathing room and more room for other readers to join. :)

Last night, Cheyser texted me saying I should check my twitter. I was busy studying last night though so I got to check it this morning before leaving for school. Imagine the shock I felt when I saw that I won her Romwe x TWR Thankgiving Giveaway!

Wedding Whore


I am Farrah and I am a wedding whore.

I dunno why but ever since I started reading the papers, I just tend to gravitate towards the wedding announcement section. Lately, I have taken to wedding photography, browsing sites I see on the papers. I have a few favorites already. I wanna tell you but I'm too ashamed. I'm quite in the closet about my wedding obsessiveness. I'm scared to have this made known cause I just know if my mother sees me with a bridal mag in hand, she'd go:
"You wanna get married already?"
and the dreaded 6 words that come after:
 "You don't even have a boyfriend yet"

Yeah mom, I know. :(

So anyway, I was reading Carla's blog the other day and came across a site she posted. It was Nelwin Uy's site. He shot Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto's engagement photos. For someone who is so into wedding photography, I was so not in the loop on this one! Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the Kristine-Oyo shoot. You can't steal his photos so I opted to take a screenshot, as Carla did.

Some of my favorite photos. The middle one reminds me so much of Pangako Sa 'Yo.

My other faves are Jeff and Pia's wedding in Laguna Beach, as well as Paris shot on film. I am definitely going to Paris someday, mark my words! I haven't browsed through the whole site yet cause I don't want to spoil myself silly. Besides, when I do check, I try to look through 2-3 weddings at a time, just to savor the photos. heeeee :'>

This is so random but gah. I wish I could go to Bangkok this December for my aunt's wedding! I would wanna at least try my hand at taking wedding photos. Plus, I haven't been there yet, so I'd probably spazz and take tons of market photos as well. Someone sponsor me? :(

Shop in Spotlight: Mauve

Make a Statement. Wear Mauve.

So goes the mantra of this new kid on the online shop block. 

Started just this August, Mauve already has a loyal client base. Owner Anina Rubio started her shop because she wanted a change of environment (she used to work in the corporate world!) -- from Engineering to fashion. Being an avid online shopper plus the emergence of online shops, the change proved to be good move because she says, Mauve surprisingly started out great. I can tell it's because of their All About Geometry Collection, which features necklaces in geometric shapes. Yes, you all saw that first on Mauve! It's cool cause it's definitely something different--and it was borne out of Anina's love for math! How unexpected is that? :)

I love the red and black necklace from the All About Geometry Collection!

The name Mauve was suggested by her sister because it sounded sophisticated and chic, and it definitely does the trick, doesn't it? To Anina, Mauve pretty much caters to anyone who loves to stand out and who loves fashion. Some accessories can be worn subtly so working girls can easily pair it with their corporate looks. Pile different Mauve accessories up? A different story. In the end, It's a matter of how you style the accessories :)

Anina said she loves having an online shop because she can do business in a hassle-free environment.
And when asked for advice for new online shop owners, all Anina has to say is:
"Be nice!"

Thank you again Anina for sponsoring my giveaway! :-)

Like them on Facebook
Add them on Multiply

PS. Have you joined my Mauve giveaway already?

Christmas Style Inspiration: Blair Waldorf


It's finally Friday!!!

So, I can go about posting things other than my giveaway. Yipee! Three consecutive posts of giveaways! Have you guys joined any? :)

Also, it's finally December! Can you feel the coldness in the air already?
I do. I've had a bit of a cold lately, which led me to miss a couple of days in school.

So anyway, on to the post!

Blair Waldorf has just grown so much as a character, and as well as in her fashion choices, hasn't she? Her look now is a far cry from the preppy queen bee who popularized the hairbands which came to even be known as the "Blair band". As in my Serena style inspiration post, inspirations for holiday wear came from last season, during their quick jaunt to Paris. (I can def say Paris really is advanced when it comes to fashion!)

Look # 1: Red

image source

What says holidays more than red? This gorgeous red Oscar dela Renta dress is love! And hello, those shoes would make Carrie Bradshaw drool!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 3 **CLOSED**

on the third day of Christmas, Farrah gave to me...


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