Lory's Hair Cream + giveaway winner


So, I just finally, finally, finally finished auditing all the entries for the first giveaway! (6 more to go huhu)
Thank you all for joining my giveaway and thank you to the Lory's hair cream team for sponsoring my giveaway.


 A few information on Lory's Hair Cream for those of you who haven't tried it:

It is a Brazilian-made hair cream which can be used as a hot oil or conditioner. It has 6 variants--Fruit Cocktail, Snake Oil, Ceramides, Chocolate, Shea Butter and Nutri-Sun Gloss--which are suited for different hair types. However, the best selling variants are Snake Oil and Fruit Cocktail. If you use it as hot oil, it is advised you place it on the scalp for 15 minutes then rinse and apply shampoo. If you don't wash it off with shampoo, your hair would appear oily. If you use it as conditioner, you do it the other way around and apply shampoo first before Lory's. Apply the cream from root to tip and leave the cream on for 2-5 minutes before rinsing off.

photo from Project Vanity

If you're into conditioners and hot oil treatments, Lory's is definitely for you! Lory is cheaper and cost-efficient in the long run. A 1kg tub is priced at Php349.75. Can you imagine how many months of baths that would be? Plus, aside from the baths, can you imagine how much savings you'd get if you do your own hot oil treatment instead of going to the parlor? It really is better to buy in bulk!

Lory's Hair Cream is also available in a 450g tub at Php 185.00. 
You can buy Lory's Hair Cream at Watson's, SM, Shopwise, PCX, First Aid, Landmark and other leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.
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    And now, on to the moment you've all been waiting for...


    I encoded the entries in Excel (that's why it took so long) and used random.org's list function.

    485 entries in total..

    ...and # 107 was chosen!

    Congratulations to 
    Venos Monato!

    I shall be e-mailing you in a few! :)

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    1. wow! yehey! Thank you so much, God. And thank you Miss farrah:-)
      Merry christmas.
      salamat rin sa Lorys Hair Cream.



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