Christmas Style Inspiration: Blair Waldorf


It's finally Friday!!!

So, I can go about posting things other than my giveaway. Yipee! Three consecutive posts of giveaways! Have you guys joined any? :)

Also, it's finally December! Can you feel the coldness in the air already?
I do. I've had a bit of a cold lately, which led me to miss a couple of days in school.

So anyway, on to the post!

Blair Waldorf has just grown so much as a character, and as well as in her fashion choices, hasn't she? Her look now is a far cry from the preppy queen bee who popularized the hairbands which came to even be known as the "Blair band". As in my Serena style inspiration post, inspirations for holiday wear came from last season, during their quick jaunt to Paris. (I can def say Paris really is advanced when it comes to fashion!)

Look # 1: Red

image source

What says holidays more than red? This gorgeous red Oscar dela Renta dress is love! And hello, those shoes would make Carrie Bradshaw drool!

Styling tip: Don't wear red on red.
(or if you do, make sure they're not both bright! Maybe the other could be maroon?)

Bill Blass once said, "When in doubt, wear red!"

Red is pretty much a stand-out color so try wearing a red top and bottom and everyone would be needing sunglasses! Red tops are common, so I suggest investing in tailored red pants. The most basic thing to pair with a red bottom is a navy blazer and a white shirt. It's fool-proof yet very chic. 

Or since it's winter, pair with a (faux) fur vest. I've been obsessed with these things for a year now!

image source

or pair with an animal print blazer (Remember: two trends=okay, three=too much)

image source

You could also get a red trench! But tough luck wearing that in the Philippines :(

Celeb rocking her red pants: Kate Bosworth

image source

Here's something different--pair it with a nude sheer top. 

Where to buy your reds:

-perfect with a loose gray sweater dress!

Look # 2: Polka Dots
image source

Instead of noticing her polka dot dress, I am drawn to her shoe-less foot! Manolo Blahniks a la Carrie Bradshaw in the first SATC movie. Yummy!

Polka dots will probably never lose their spot come the holidays. Filipinos believe that wearing polka dots on New Year's Eve brings luck in money in the coming year.

Styling tip: Know your dots.
(Okay, that was vague.)
Know what vibe you want to project. Keep in mind that small polka dots are classy and huge ones connote a more playful vibe. This is my styling tip because it isn't a no-no to pair print on print anymore. Just know that the key to a good look is balance. Camille Co gave some styling tips on this here.

Celeb rocking her polka dots: Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

image source

Suri's photo was taken way back and I'm sorry to have picked such an unflattering photo for mom, but it was just so cute to have them together.

Where to buy your polka dots:

Their All about Eve collection is love! It evokes that sweet vibe, perfect for your class party.

Peterpan collar dotted polo w/ bow 

Polkadot high waist short 

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully picked something up from it. What else do you want to see on Style Reactor? Please tell me! :)

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  1. Thanks for the style tips dont wear red on red i like it.really like the red and pink in her outfit

  2. Blair Waldorf, the epitome of classic elegance... and the one we'd associate you with the most. :)

    I love how polka dots exude a classic and "holiday" vibe. I've recently started using my polka dotted items, it being the holiday season already. Now to find something red...

    Btw, love this easy-to-remember reminder: "two trends=okay, three=too much" Every girl who wants to experiment with fashion trends should stick to this rule.

    Miss you, wooms! Great post btw! :)




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