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A post before I get ready for our annual family Christmas party on what went down yesterday.
I was at the mall for a whopping 9 hours!
I told myself, I'd reached my Abreeza quota for the year and shouldn't come back, but I had to return today. So much for that.

I went to Abreeza to stop by for the Meet and Greet at WAGW.

First thing I told Kryz when I saw her was, "You're so pretty!" and she said, "More like, you're so short!", poking fun at herself. I was a bit taller than her, so she had to tiptoe!

I loved her ring! It looks like the YSL Arty Ring I want, but she said it was from WAGW. When I checked, I couldn't find a ring like that anymore! :(

Here I am with Mango's It Girl, Camille. Braso de Mercedes!!!

I look stupid cause I was holding my cardigan in a bundle cause I thought it would be chilly in Abreeza but it turned out I didn't need it. :|

Camille was so nice cause I told her I sent her an email and she said "Yes, you tweeted me, right? Farrah Garcia?" Naks, she remembered! "Farrah Garcia, yeah, I'll remember that name"
(me on the inside: :'> *melts*)

 When she saw Kweshie in heels, she went: "Why are you in heels?" because she and Kryz were in flats. I think I read somewhere they jokingly said it's a good thing when Laureen isn't there because it means they can wear flats. Would've loved to see them in their ferosh heels though! :)

Here I am with Kweshie, aka Kristine Villano of Kweshie Doodles. This is the first time I got to meet her! I came unaccompanied, so she was the one who took my photos with Kryz and Cams (haha, close?). She was with her best friend Yaney, who took our photo! :) 

Thanks Kwesh and Yaney!

We went our separate ways. I stopped by Starbucks to talk to Cheyser. She was with Ken. I super love Ken na cause he's a total gentleman. As in, he offered me his seat but I declined. Even though I didn't take the chair, he also did not sit. What is gentleman! They're a rare, dying breed. I'm old-fashioned like that, so pagbigyan niyo na ako. :))

 It's kind of funny cause I had photos with 3 different bloggers today, then there I was, in the midst of one of the Philippines top fashion bloggers--and we know each other personally ha!--but we did not take a photo together! haha. When I left, I saw a group of girls approaching Cheyser to ask for a photo with her.
TWR power! *proud friend* :)

I went back to WAGW cause I totally forgot to ask for autographs for my friend, Nezi.

Tah-daah! :) Merry Christmas buds!

Had my nails done at Nailaholics Abreeza while my sisters and mom shopped for what they'd be wearing tonight.

And to cap off my day, got Php1000 worth of items from SOUL.

Happy Holidays everyone! :)


  1. @Janine M: thank you Janine, which one? :P Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you buddy! You're the best! Love you.

    - Nezi

  3. You are all pretty! :) Merry Christmas!! ^_^

  4. Thank you buddy!

    and Thank you Irish! Happy Christmas to you too! :)

  5. nice post!that's great!I love attending events too!well that's what I do. :) love this!
    xx Maridy


  6. i was a day early for meeting kryz, camille and cheyser too! :(



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