Farewell 2011


My last post for 2011.

I don't know how I feel, saying goodbye to one roller coaster ride of a year! Just wanted to leave you with this post on what I learned from 2011: Sometimes. taking a risk pays off. God has great plans for our life, better than what we've planned for ourselves. So if you feel like something is going wrong, stop and let Him take the reins because it is better to entrust your life to He who is all-knowing. 

I also have to apologize to you guys for not having the time to audit the blog giveaway entries. My friends suggested that I use random.org and the number chosen will be from the comment number, but I had bonus mechanics worth 3 entries, and that would feel like I was cheating you! So, manual talaga! So sorry, I've been out the past 3 days for 8 hours at a time. I get home around 11pm, log on to finish work stuff and sleep at 3am, start over. Intense, but I love the feeling of being productive.

Anyway, I digress.




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