Wishlist Wednesday: Christmas Edition!


Hi friendsies!

Gift ideas if you're willing to you know... spend for me. :-)

I haven't been the best girl this year and yet I've received so many blessings despite that. I haven't been big on asking for gifts. I mean, if people want to give me, then great but I don't want to be the one to tell them outright that "Hey! I want a gift from you!" But if they don't give me, then it's okay. I never really expect. Lately, I haven't been a huge gift buyer myself.

1) Filed 2012 planner

I wanna try something new. I've tried planners that have their weeks set out vertically (Belle du Jour). I still also like Belle du Jour though. I've bought BDJ for 2009 and 2010. My planner this year was a blank one from NBS cause I thought I'd be able to dooooooooooodle on it, but I didn't have enough time. I more of treated it as a diary instead of a planner though. The Filed planner has weeks set out horizontally so there's more space for my to-do's and little doodles.  :)

I'm definitely a planner girl. As in I really design them, etc. I'd love to show you photos of my past planners soon. =)

Anyway, I asked for the Filed planner cause they aren't available in Fully Booked Abreeza yet! :( As a rule, I really buy my own planner. (haha okay. I'm confusing, I know)

2) Make-up brushes

photo credit

These are from Suesh.

photo source

These brushes from Sigma are also nice. 

I'm not really particular about the brand since I'm just starting out. I really really really need a foundation brush if I am to start practicing how to blend foundation though.

3. bag/s

I'm more of a bag hag than a shoe fiend. I love looking at heels but I just can't stay long in them. Sooo, bag nalang ako.

I don't really care what shape, size or color it is as long as it doesn't look like it'd be a guy's bag. I'm more of a classic girl--I like neutrals (black, brown, navy, gray) and bags with the occasional pop of color (red, yellow, purple, orange). But I realized, I don't have a gray, purple or brown bag yet!

I like SOUL's saddlebag in Cheyser's billboard!
(Mimi, if you're reading this, ALAM NA okay? :P)

4. Books/magazines

I haven't bought ANY new issue of a magazine this year. I have a lot on my must buy list!

Because I love Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza :P

Because I love Mother Becky 

I'm intrigued with the Nora Aunor cover! Her eyes just say it all.

Xian Lim :'> and I'm not a huge Kim Chiu fan but this cover is stunning!

and of course, books from the list here.

Or you can get me old magazines from Book Sale in NCCC. I like Nylon, Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. If there is an international Vogue (not Vogue US, that'd be good too!)

Chick lit books that are on sale in National Bookstore, like Princess Diaries at 182.50php, The It Girl set of 3 at 520 I think, etc.

5. Anything from Philosophy

Actually, anything from Beauty Bar.

Like my mom, I love me some bath products, lotions, make-up. I like anything colorful and yummy-smelling!
Available at Beauty Bar.

So there, that's it :)

If you don't have money (like me), a simple handwritten, heartfelt letter would suffice. (BTW, a year will have passed and yet I still haven't written all of my friends back as I promised. So sorry about that guys :( )

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