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I went to a blogger's event yesterday, hosted by Leyende and Green Options.

So, for all of you who are not familiar with Leyende, it's a Filipino brand that produces Philippine handmade, eco-friendly, natural and organic lotions, moisturizers, hair care and body care products. They had an event awhile ago to launch their partnership with Green Options, Davao. Green Options is the exclusive distributor of Leyende in Davao.

I really enjoyed! I love beauty products, much more those that I am sure will NOT harm my skin! Plus, when the owner/founder of Leyende, Neva Kares Tallendes spoke about the background and advocacy of Leyende, I was truly inspired! Among my fashion design/stylist/make-up artist dreams lies another one wherein I wish to have a sustainable eco-business. Most probably in cosmetics also cause I would love to apply my Chemical Engineering background. Such a waste if I don't put it to good use. I've been slaving around for how many years now in this course. :))

Leyende, came from the Spanish word leyenda, meaning "legend" or "story". It was born out of Neva's need. She shared that her first passion was truly writing, but then an adult onset of skin problems as well as a lack of natural and organic products in the market prompted her to start her own line of products.
Leyende is dedicated to high quality. They want to equate Filipino-made products to something world class. They only use the best ingredients. Leyende's key ingredients are certified and/or approved by ECOCERT, an internationally-recognized, impartial certifying authority based in France with headquarters in over 80 countries worldwide.

Probably one of the things that Neva shared that inspired me the most was their cause. Leyende champions women empowerment. They employ empowered women who were former trafficking and abuse victims from International Justice Mission, BATIS Center for Women, Visayan Forum and WE Foundation. These women are employed in a work-study program. They have trainings for production of product as well as other training seminars on how to start their own business, how to budget and the like. We met one of these women at the event and I got overwhelmed. I could only imagine what she felt like when she came home from abroad, with no means of starting again--and Leyende gave her that chance. It's really powerful, being able to help people like that, helping them change their lives for the better.

Anyway, here are some photos from the event. Photo credits go to Renz Bulseco.

The beautiful Yamuta sisters, the owners of Green Options in Davao and Neva, Leyende's founder.

These three products are their gifts that give.

For every purchase of the Beach Bomb cologne, a portion goes to the Marilac Women's Center. It also comes with a gold chain accessory. By the way, the cologne smells so good. It smells so fresh and clean! For every purchase of Clean Slate, their facial cleanser with pineapple extract, a portion goes to the college fund of SchoolH.O.U.S.E. (Helpin Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprise), their work-study program. So for those women at Leyende who weren't able to get a college degree, they now have the chance to. You don't know how happy this makes me. If there are causes I truly support, it's those that help send people to school. I can relate, having been a scholar almost half my life. My friends and I also send a child to school through World Vision, Mark Oliver! :-)

Lastly, for every purchase of the Mother Butter Moisturizing Cream, PHP100 is donated to the UNICEF Maternal and Neonatal Program. You also have the option of having the donation named after a friend you gave the product to. By the way, the cream also smells so nice! I felt like I lathered on chocolate. =)

It's a day after the event and I'm still on a high about it. Passion is truly contagious. I was truly, really inspired! I'm so glad I was able to go. Thank you for inviting us!

Information about Leyende came from their Facebook page.
You can also visit their website at www.leyende.com

By the way, Leyende was so kind as to give me some products for my giveaway! But I'm too lazy to post another giveaway entry tonight cause I still have to study for my test tomorrow so... yeah. I owe you 2 giveaways already and by tomorrow, it will be 3! Gosh! :P

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