Shop in Spotlight: Mauve


Make a Statement. Wear Mauve.

So goes the mantra of this new kid on the online shop block. 

Started just this August, Mauve already has a loyal client base. Owner Anina Rubio started her shop because she wanted a change of environment (she used to work in the corporate world!) -- from Engineering to fashion. Being an avid online shopper plus the emergence of online shops, the change proved to be good move because she says, Mauve surprisingly started out great. I can tell it's because of their All About Geometry Collection, which features necklaces in geometric shapes. Yes, you all saw that first on Mauve! It's cool cause it's definitely something different--and it was borne out of Anina's love for math! How unexpected is that? :)

I love the red and black necklace from the All About Geometry Collection!

The name Mauve was suggested by her sister because it sounded sophisticated and chic, and it definitely does the trick, doesn't it? To Anina, Mauve pretty much caters to anyone who loves to stand out and who loves fashion. Some accessories can be worn subtly so working girls can easily pair it with their corporate looks. Pile different Mauve accessories up? A different story. In the end, It's a matter of how you style the accessories :)

Anina said she loves having an online shop because she can do business in a hassle-free environment.
And when asked for advice for new online shop owners, all Anina has to say is:
"Be nice!"

Thank you again Anina for sponsoring my giveaway! :-)

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