Holiday Shopping!


Thank God for Abreeza, big-sized clothing and more and better selections to choose from. We don't have to rely on the packages with clothes that my lola sends us from the States every year. Usually, they arrive late and we still have to find stuff to wear, which is hard considering my sisters and I are all big boned! Call it European sizes, I say!

Got 2 dresses for Christmas and New Year at Dorothy Perkins! Finally, I have no excuse to look like a mom, like Christmas 2009. *shudders*
The pink one is for tonight, the metallic one is for New Year's! Outfit-ey post soon!

Shoes are from Janilyn. I love them! They remind me of SJP's Manolos in the first SATC movie. It also looks like something Blair Waldorf would wear--in flats form.

I plan to accessorize with a turquoise cuff from SOUL Lifestyle. I got the necklace for my sister!

I could have easily went the usual black and pink way by choosing black shoes and black accessories, or you know, just pairing my dress with neutrals, but starting right now, I am resolving to start wearing more color!

So, 2011 Fashion Resolution to wear more color? CHECK! :)

Happy Holidays, loves!

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