Reunited and it feels so good


Just a quick post before I have to rush off again!

Seriously, I've been on break for 5 days already but I have yet to rest. I've been out non-stop since Sunday so I haven't had time to audit the blog giveaway entries...and I have 12 giveaways. Oh, help me. When I thought of doing a 12 day giveaway, it never occurred to me the logistics of this thing. Good thing I came into my senses and asked everyone to do a per comment thing. Next time, I'm using Rafflecopter or Google Docs, I swear! So much for me naively thinking I'd be able to blog a lot this Christmas break.

Thank you all by the way for joining and supporting my giveaways :)

(photos c/o Jane. Taken by her kuya)

Some photos of me and my friends when we met up to watch a movie, have coffee and shop for baking supplies and prizes for our batch outing. I am sooooo incredibly happy they're here! <3 I last saw the others in September when I went to Manila to visit and the others, October when they came to Davao for sem break. 2-3 months without seeing each other is LONG, for us who used to hang out everyday. As in every night, we used to have dinner together. *cling*

I missed you oodles, pals!

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