#AskFarrah: Dressing According to Your Body Type


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Going to a formal event can be nerve-wracking. Aside from looking for a dress (which there could be too many or too little choices of), you'd also want to look good in the said dress. I mean, formal events come only so often for people who don't work in the PR or event organizing circuit so it'd be terrible if you messed up that once in a lifetime chance. As a fashion enthusiast, I guess the easiest and best tip I could give you to look good in whatever you wear is to dress according to your body type.




I was worried cause I was running out of things to post when I saw this set of photos in my Drafts list. This set was taken last Christmas (almost half a year ago now), how's that for delayed posts? Every Christmas, we celebrate with my dad's side of the family. We have mass then dinner at Villa Margarita. Among all the Christmas outfits I wore, this is probably my favorite cause it's casual but still dressy enough for dinner with family. What do you think?

The 7-list: Things I would tell my freshman self


After n long years, I have finally been promoted to my 5th and graduating year--and just finished the first week! The first week alone was tiring already but hopefully the year goes off without much hitches (failing grade scares), save for the ones I'm already expecting (thesis woes). My earlier years in college were fun yet tinged with turbulence and fraught with difficulty (of course). But that doesn't matter now as I think I'm more than ready to move to the next stage of my life. I hope I finish the school year in one piece to make everything 100% official!

#ThrowbackThursday: Summer 2015


The start of June means the end of summer vacation, and what a vacation I had!
Most of my summer was spent working. You already know I spent most of my summer at my on-the-job training but along with that, I was able to balance my duties being a club officer as well as insert some fun on the side.


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