#ThrowbackThursday: Summer 2015


The start of June means the end of summer vacation, and what a vacation I had!
Most of my summer was spent working. You already know I spent most of my summer at my on-the-job training but along with that, I was able to balance my duties being a club officer as well as insert some fun on the side.
My summer officially started with our club's sem ender party, and immediately after (as in that same night!!), we headed to Cannibad in Samal Island for our end-of-school year class bonding. Photos above show:
-us right after our last exam (Hello terminal year!)
-Cannibad-ers :)
-Me and my OJT friends taking a break after our day's duty
-me and Mai-mai (who also spent the whole summer at RDL with me) with some of the water treatment plant department staff
I'm also glad I got to spend time with some of my other friends. Here I am with my Chemist (and Bio) friends, my blogger buddies at Huckleberry, with Juna (who flew in from Manila!!) and with the girls before Cham left.
And just when you think summer is for R&R, for club officers, it's not. There's so much work and responsibilities during the summer (to get it in time before school starts), which I'm not used to. I'm so glad that I got to make friends and bond with the people I'm working with, and that we get to sneak in some time for fun as well. Here we are during our long range planning, freshmen enrollment and our team building activity.

I was pretty content already cause I was able to take a dip in the pool during our team building activity but for May 31st, my mom and her sisters planned a family outing. So literally, on the last day of summer, we went to the beach!! What a way to end the summer vacation. :)

I only got to go to the beach twice this summer, which I thought was kind of weird for someone who lives in a city that's really near the beach. Haha. I guess cause I know it's always gonna be there, or maybe cause I'm not much of a beach baby. But even though I'm not, I did appreciate the sea salty air, the smell of coconuts and goofing off with my cousins. No matter where you'll be, it's all in the company afterall. :)

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