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One of summer's biggest trends is the 70's boho or bohemian fashion, specifically fringed items. That little boho part of me rejoices since it means fringe items abound in stores right now (at least I won't have much of a hard time finding something similar to the fringe bag I was eyeing since last October but didn't get to buy since someone got to it first), but at the same time, I feel a bit sad since I don't have enough money to buy the pieces I want! Summer = less allowance! That's why I was so glad I was able to find a little boho piece for myself online via
fringe2 is an online shop that sells clothes at dirt cheap prices. I think they supply most online shops that's why you can buy in bulk (it gets even cheaper in bulk!). They also offer dropshipping, which is great if you're looking to start an online business. Best of all, they have larger US sizes (that range from 2-12; some are only til 4 or 6. Boo). I got my kimono for only $7.84, which isn't bad AT ALL.
Rolls. #teamnobikinibody
I guess the only thing I can comment on is that the shipping took a bit too long for my liking (one month) and that shipping fee isn't included in the price. You have to pay additional should you order. The good thing is though, there are options for the courier, so you can pick one you trust, or you can pick a cheaper option.
 Dresslink black fringe kimono || H&M shorts || Yosi Samra flats || SM Accessories hat

My kimono was a tad too big for me cause I got a large, which is a US size 10-12 (I got paranoid that they might have small sizing). I chose to wear it with a tank top and shorts combination since summer just inspires lazy dressing, don't you think? I'm glad I at least had the kimono and hat to dress it up a bit. :)
What do you think? :)

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