Style Remix 2: Movie Date


For the second installment of Style Remix, I styled my tank top and jeans for something I could wear to the movies. This has got to be one of my most favorite lazy and comfy outfits to date cause it's something you put together when you don't want to think about what to wear. The slouchy cardigan my mom got (which I stole) is the best cause it's light but it also keeps you warm at the same time. And the black straw fedora I got has also been a permanent fixture on my blog lately as my hair's in a perpetual state of disarray AKA it's growing out.

Orange You Glad


 When I found out that the Tomato Time event would be held at Marco Polo (and on a Sunday too, no less!), I thought of wearing something country club chic. I love the whole vibe of their pool area and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for an outfit like this.

Verano Clothing Summer Collection 2014 Lookbook


When I'm shopping for clothes, aside from design/aesthetic value, I also factor into consideration the value for money. Meaning, I try to imagine how many times I'd be able to wear it. If I can think of more than 7 ways to wear it, I go for it! This is probably what UP Diliman's Clothing Technology senior class, the people behind Verano Clothing, was aiming for when they designed their collection.

Fitness: C25K


Disclaimer: I'm not an expert nor do I claim to be. Everything in this post is what I chose to do and what works for me.

I'm not an avid fan of running since I tire easily but I thought that this should be exactly my motivation for starting a running program. While browsing through fitness forums, I chanced upon a running program called C25K, or Couch to 5K. It's a 9-week program that promises to prepare you for your first 5K. I checked it out and it seemed pretty manageable. I hope I'd be able to join my first 5K by my birthday.

Tomato Time in Davao!


Tomato is a brand that's always been familiar to me mainly because I patronize it. I especially love their bags and blazers which are stylish and come at affordable price points. So, when I got invited to the press conference for the launch of Tomato Time in Davao, of course I said yes! Add to the fact that JC de Vera, Tomato Time's new celebrity endorser and one of the hottest leading men in showbiz, was going to be there..I was sold! HAHA.

Style Remix 1: Lazy Sunday


Even though summer's all about color, you'll probably be seeing a lot of my summer outfits in the formulaic tank top/jeans combo. You can blame the heat for that; it's making me lazy. However, I'll be mixing it up. I'll show you how I take my tank top and jeans combo to literally anywhere and from day to night. For the first style remix outfit, I'll show you how I would style my tank top and jeans combo for a summer day out with my family.

FIDA Gradshow 2014: Spliced


A couple of Saturdays ago, the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts (FIDA), Davao's first (and only) fashion school, held its graduation show at the SM Lanang Premier atrium for its second batch of graduates. From 5 graduates of the previous year, there were 13 graduates this year that showcased their creations. There were 8 graduates from the 1-year Fashion Design course who showcased a 7-piece collection each, and 4 graduates from the 2-year design course who showcased a 12-piece collection each. Let's get started then?

Foodie Friday: Simple Tuna Carbonara


I really love pasta to the point that I can live on pasta and cheese alone. Anyway, I usually go for red sauce or oil-based sauce compared to cream-based ones cause they're healthier. Plus, I'm really picky and iffy about how restaurants serve their carbonara sauce. Some restaurants have watery sauce (ew) but the carbonara I grew up with and grown to love is creamier. I've always thought carbonara required a more elaborate preparation than say, red sauce but I found this simple carbonara recipe on Erwan Heusaff's blog, The Fat Kid Inside and decided to give it a try. You can do it in as fast as 5 minutes!



This is actually my first ever outfit post with the short hair since I had only cut it a few days prior to that day. I don't know why I prolonged posting this, maybe because I wanted to think of an apt write-up but truth is, I guess I may just have run out of feels. A few days before this, I was feeling depressed (again) because another batch of graduates (and some even 2-3 years younger than me--ugh at my obsession with age) were about to leave me school behind. When I knew I'd be attending my sister's graduation (cause my dad couldn't make it as he had work :( ), I was dreading it a bit because I didn't want envy to rear its ugly head. I sure as hell didn't want to rain on my sisters' and friends' day. But when I got to the graduation ceremony, I felt...empty. Like okay, ito na ito (okay, this is it)? I realized graduation is just a rite of passage and after the graduation day, you're still the same person albeit having put about 17 years of education behind. Not to make graduation a small deal in case you'd think this is bitterness talking, I think the happiness stems out of relief and that sense of accomplishment that you finished school. Then the next day comes and you have to get your pertinent papers, start looking for a job or start reviewing for the board exam.

They Don't Know About Us


You know how I mentioned that my sisters and I caught a stomach bug last week? Well, another "epidemic" has been going on at home and it's called the One Direction fever. It only initially infected my sister Feebee, but upon the repeated rape of her laptop's replay button, I think it's finally getting to me. She once mentioned to me that 1D fans were the most passionate fans and that's why they made it so big so fast. Well, my sister, when she gets into something, she can be really enthusiastic about it and her enthusiasm is contagious so I guess it can't be helped that we all got bitten by the 1D bug.

Bad Hair Day


I've been stuck in a blogging rut recently. I came to a point wherein I couldn't think of anything to churn out on this blog and I was thinking and re-thinking of what to write about. I looked to my past entries and it seemed as if writing and sharing even the most mundane things came so easy to me back then. I don't know when I started to post my more "profound" thoughts but since I started doing so, it was hard to stop since it seemed as if people expected those kinds of posts from you. I just want to go back to the old easygoing me who just wanted to share my day. Besides, it's sort of hard to be "profound"  right now especially when nothing significant fills your day! :P


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