Orange You Glad


 When I found out that the Tomato Time event would be held at Marco Polo (and on a Sunday too, no less!), I thought of wearing something country club chic. I love the whole vibe of their pool area and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for an outfit like this.

The event had no dress code or theme but I still wanted to be dressed appropriately (read: no slippers, no shorts--unless I wore a blazer with the shorts of course, but it wasn't gonna happen especially with the heat!). So I settled for something that would bring my country club chic theme to life yet still look respectable.

All white outfits are the easiest solution when you're going for something country club chic. I paired it with my mom's orange striped cardigan for a pop of color. I was supposed to wear a plain black and white cardigan but the orange one looked so much better cause it was a daytime event. It's summer so I had all the excuse in the world to wear color! I'll save my black and white combo for some other day. :) Besides, lakas maka-Tomato ng orange, don't you think? HAHA
Wilson and I were matchy-matchy in white pants and a cover-up tied around our waist! Here he is in a shirt of his own design.

My pants weren't exactly those linen flowy pants but when I wore them, I found that they were at least 2 sizes bigger on me (!!!) since I last wore them so at least they functioned that way. Haha :)) I loved the photos Rien took that I had a hard time choosing! Don't you just love the juxtaposition of the vertical lines and the horizontal lines of my cardigan?

my lakas maka-magazine feature photo!

clutch: SM Accessories || flats: Payless || photos by Rien Bautista


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  1. I really like this look - the first thing i thought was 'country club' so we are on the same page with that. I think it is as soon as someone wears their cardigan like in your last pic makes me think country club, but also the white on white. Pretty. :D



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