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Tomato is a brand that's always been familiar to me mainly because I patronize it. I especially love their bags and blazers which are stylish and come at affordable price points. So, when I got invited to the press conference for the launch of Tomato Time in Davao, of course I said yes! Add to the fact that JC de Vera, Tomato Time's new celebrity endorser and one of the hottest leading men in showbiz, was going to be there..I was sold! HAHA.

The event was held at Marco Polo and this was what was on display when we walked in! There were colorful jelly watches from their line called SWAP as well as watches from Tomato Time. SWAP is the first of its concept here in the Philippines. It features interchangeable straps and faces. I was immediately drawn to this cause of all the yummy colors and fun faces to choose from. Think about it, there are so many combinations you can make! The possibilities are limitless!

These are some pieces from the main watch line. Tomato Time actually has four categories, suited for every aspect of your lifestyle: Party Time, Sporty Time, Casual Time and Corporate Time. The best part about it is that all the watches look expensive and yet, they come at prices ranging from 800php to 1,200php!

Wilson told me that some hawkers in China Town sell fake Michael Kors watches at 6,000php but they're so light, unlike the Tomato Time watches which are heavy (thus proving that they are in no way fake). They are also Japan-made and come at a one-year warranty. What watch can you buy at 800-1200php that comes at a warranty? Not a lot, I bet!

There was a short interview portion with JC. He said Tomato Time fits into his personal style because his style is classic and the watches have that whole feel to them, no matter what it may be: corporate, party, casual or sporty. Tomato's marketing director also explained why they got JC de Vera as their first celebrity endorser. They chose JC because he has a good track record, is a fast-rising star and isn't identified with any particular brand yet.

I got to ask JC a question and I could attest of how a good person he is. I asked him how he spends his down time/day off (which is just Sunday, mind you!) and he said that he spends it with his family. (Cue the aww's!) It was really nice cause he's not like other celebrities who are super showbiz and have lots of intrigue following them around. It's rare to find these kinds of people in showbiz now.

Here's my watch. I picked a turquoise one with an Aztec face. I wanted an animal print one but they didn't have it. I might get a fuchsia strap and a plain face soon too! By the way, the faces are at 500php and the straps are at 350php!


However, mine and Wilson's fave would have to be the Lucite watch. It looks so posh! Can you believe that's only 800php? SO nice, right?

 Got to meet a new blogger friend at the press conference too! He's Jeffrey Mondia, ang David Guison ng Davao! HAHA Check his blog here!

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