What I'm Loving Right Now: The Carrie Purse


Have you seen the first episode of The Carrie Diaries?

It's a new series starring AnnaSophia Robb (more popularly known as Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as a young Carrie Bradshaw. Anyway, this is her mom's bag from the first episode which she DIY-ed after her sister accidentally spilled polish on it. It was love at first sight! Now I also want my own.

You better watch the series to find out what else happens to Carrie. I myself watch for the 80's fashion...which actually looks pretty cool. :) I also watch to check for any more future mini-Carrie projects. :)


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I've studied in Manila for 3 years so I've experienced (and survived) my fair share of typhoons. I've blessedly lived through Ondoy unscathed and right before leaving Manila for good, there was a tropical storm (correct me if I'm wrong Heidi!) that seemed like a typhoon because it brought torrential rain and strong winds. Of course, there were other typhoons interspersed in the mix but the two mentioned above are those that stand out in my head. So aside from the city slick on my feet and the occasional wet flats and pants, I've been really fortunate to not have been directly victimized by Mother Nature.

Let's Go to the Beach-each



Some photos I took during our spontaneous beach trip last Sunday (except the one of me which my brother took).

I'm not really a beach person even though in Davao, beaches are but 15-30 minutes away. From that trip of doing nothing but veg out (and leaving my stresses behind even for a while), I just realized that sometimes we seek the best things in life that we forget the best and most beautiful ones are those that catch us off-guard.


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Golden Globes 2013


Awards Season Time again!
I love awards season for all the dresses and the trend spotting so let us start through my list shall we? This is my third Golden Globes picks list now by the way :)

One of the biggest trends of the night was red.

Claire Danes
Claire Danes in Versace
Claire Danes, who won a Golden Globe in Homeland, also was a winner for me in this outfit. It's simple but striking which is her style, I've noticed.

2013 Trends


A few days ago, I read an article on Manila Bulletin regarding 2012's biggest trends (mullet, peplum, arm party, collar necklaces) and to my chagrin and amusement, I actually did not sport any of these!

 I guess they referred to trend here as something people (and stores) sported en masse. A few examples were those I mentioned. For example, nowadays when a blogger sports a certain look, everyone else sports the same look. The stores which sponsor them sell the same stuff, sourced from the same place which makes it hard to find clothes that are different and which makes everyone buy almost the same thing. There is also this thing called style osmosis. It is when other bloggers have nowhere to turn to for inspiration but their fellow style bloggers that to a certain extent, despite everyone's personal style, a blogger's "trademark" or distinctness fades and some of their looks actually have the same feel. Have you noticed that?

Autumn Cake


sweater: Oxygen
pants: Forever 21
shoes: Parisian

I didn't know what to wear for the first washday of the year because I spent most of my money on either my shenanigans with friends, or paying for important stuff. I was not able to invest in a 2013 wardrobe so I just did what I usually do and made do. Though it is challenging to create multiple wearable, figure-flattering looks on a limited number of pieces, I feel great every time I am able to make something work--like my last outfit. Also, here lies the beauty of buying items in neutral colors. :))

Anyway, it was pretty chilly today so I went for gloomy/autumn colors. The thing about buying trendy  colored jeans like the ones I'm wearing is that I can only wear them for a limited time (how awkward would it be to wear them come summer time?) so I am maximizing them by using them often (but not as often cause they are really noticeable). I decided to try something new though and instead of putting 2 colors together, I put 3 together. I felt like cake with different colored layers, hence the title. What do you think?

a blurry shot but I like it
So, anything out of the ordinary happen to you today?

A notable thing that happened to me today was that I walked from school to my brother's school in Marfori Heights. That's about 2km I guess? HAHA

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Cheers to the New Year!!
I am currently in school, blogging to kill time before my next class. I know, right? School right away? I couldn't even fathom it when my sister woke me up this morning. I was just about to snap at her for disturbing me (what with the perfect bed weather and all) but I remembered. Oh well I'm already here so no use griping about that.


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