I've studied in Manila for 3 years so I've experienced (and survived) my fair share of typhoons. I've blessedly lived through Ondoy unscathed and right before leaving Manila for good, there was a tropical storm (correct me if I'm wrong Heidi!) that seemed like a typhoon because it brought torrential rain and strong winds. Of course, there were other typhoons interspersed in the mix but the two mentioned above are those that stand out in my head. So aside from the city slick on my feet and the occasional wet flats and pants, I've been really fortunate to not have been directly victimized by Mother Nature.

So when my mother woke me up at 5 am Sunday morning, telling me to pack my clothes and that we should flee immediately, I felt so worried and scared. I mean, I've seen what happens on TV. I've heard what happens next but never in a thousand years would I expect this to happen to me. My similarly sleepy-head sister and I were hesitating but we could hear barangay officials warning people to evacuate immediately. So in our sleep-deprived state, we only brought one set of clothes thinking that we'd be back the next day or within the day. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

without le scarf

When we left the house, the water outside was just ankle-deep. Throughout the day, we kept updated via Twitter and phone calls. We were expecting the worst (but hoping for the best) since we had absolutely no idea how our house looked--until we saw it on national television!! So when I went back to school the next day and people were asking me up until where the water was, I couldn't answer because I honestly didn't know. For sure, our basement got flooded.

Anyway, this is what I wore to school yesterday. This was that only outfit I packed. I actually planned to wear this for wash day so it was ready and everything; naturally it was the first thing I picked up! For the first time in a long time, it was a good thing I had something pre-picked. At least I didn't look blah. I mean, just cause our house got flooded doesn't mean I have to look the part. :P
It was funny too because the guard almost didn't let me in. I had to show him my ID for proof that we were from one of the villages that got affected.

top: Terranova
pants: Forever21
shoes: Shoebox

Despite the circumstance, I am extremely grateful that my family and I are safe. I'm thankful that we didn't resort to the extreme and have to wade through flood waters or you know, ride in boats. I'm grateful for the barangay officials for the warning. I'm happy too that *as far as I know* nobody died from the flood. Heck, I am grateful that I experienced this with my family. It's one of those times I feel how SOLID we are. I last felt that when we went to Hong Kong last year because it was just the 7 of us there, and now it's just us 7 again to rely on each other for strength. I'm glad to have experienced that. PERIOD. I mean, I'm not exactly the most positive person but at least I can say I've experienced a flood. My 3rd world country experience is complete! Haha! Kidding aside, at least I've experienced a harsh reality of life. Take it this way, if I lived a charmed, perfect and sheltered life my whole life, how would I deal in the real world?

If trials make you smarter, does that mean I'm a genius?
(or something to that extent)
--from Twitter

PS. My dad took my photos. Can we all just please be proud for his good enough start? Everyone in my family refuses to take my photos already but thank God my dad's supportive. Hihi love you pops :">


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