cardigan: Candy at Robinson's Dept Store
tee: H&M
pants: SM Dept Store
bag: OASAP
shoes: Feebee's

This is probably my first outfit post in sneakers.

Aside from that, nothing really new about my clothes. They're all pieces I've posted here on my blog but never thought of putting together--until now of course! This is what I wore to school last Wednesday--another unplanned outfit again. When we got the chance to visit our house after the flood, I just grabbed the most random pieces of clothing and (as usual), made do. It was a good thing I caught the latest episode of etcetera on ETC where they featured Camille Co, Laureen Uy and Tricia Gosingtian's fashion forecast for 2013 (pretty much like we did for Maayong Buntag Mindanao. BTW, I'm sorry to rant about it but I'm kind of pissed!! I won't be able to see and share with you our video cause it apparently got erased! I mean, shouldn't they have a back-up? And the segment producer waited 25 days to tell us!! Very disappointing, especially since he promised us a copy :| )

Moving on, some of their fashion forecasts were disappointing--like galaxy prints, neon accessories and all that. It was all really about trendy stuff, but I liked the one about monochrome or wearing an outfit with one color palette so I gave it a try. I don't have pink-ish skirts or pants; I only have shorts but I can't wear them at school so I opted for white pants. And since it can get pretty predictable to see me in loafers or flats, I wore purple sneakers cause purple has red and it kind of looks pink too. :)) I thought I looked very much like the college student I am. :)

Anyway, this set of photos was taken by my fellow fashionista and friend Lorraine, using her iPhone 4S. I think the quality's better than when I use my digicam. Don't you think? :)


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