My Favorites from the Milan S/S 2011 Collections


First of all, this one is from Alberta Ferreti. They went for the nude, brown, pink palette, which I am a huge fan of right now. As I've noticed so far, they were the only one (aside from D&G) who went for the actual spring theme.
Spring theme=me asking "What is spring to you?" Spring to me spells flowy, romantic, light, airy, breezy--all of which I found from this collection. If you've noticed, the models' hair are down, which lends sort of a hippie vibe that complements the flowiness of the fabrics used. They also went for the barely-there make up.

I loved this collection--and I'm not a huge Alberta Feretti fan.

Dolce and Gabbana's collection evoked the playful side of the season. The prints and the colors were really eye-catching! Of course, the other reason I loved this collection because like being partial to nude, I am also partial to anything floral, period. (My style: girly girl all the way!) 

I love the turbans, the jumpsuits/playsuits and the maxi-pants (trousers), the wedges, the brightness. I love that checked (or is that gingham) red playsuit! Again, hair down, barely made up look there.

And I cannot explain it, but this collection is just so.. it speaks to me. I looked at it, and a dozen of images swarmed through my head--tea parties, picnics by the river. The last dress in the picture below may be my favorite! 

Props to the designers because everything looks delectable and wearable! I can see actual women buying these clothes. And yet again, I'm not a huge D&G fan.

I better add these 2 labels on my 'ones-to-watch' list in future fashion weeks. ;)

oh yeah, I got these photos from

First Post


So this is my other blog--where i post my fashion stuff, and maybe little tidbits of myself, but not the full out rants I usually post in my other blog. What to feature first? 

The sem's gonna be over in two weeks, so I'll probably be busy studying (if not, facebook-ing). I'll be going home to Davao as well, so I'd probably be able to get good stuff to take photos off; maybe have something awesome to write about. :)


**EDIT (Aug 14, 2011): I named my blog layeredvintageluxe because of this outfit I wore to school one time. My classmates asked me, "What's the theme of your outfit today?", and THAT popped out of my mouth. I'm kind of regretting it now. I can't change it right away though cause I joined too much giveaways. (Regret #2: Making this my giveaway blog :P )

 I don't want to make another blog because I already have a hard time updating both my tumblr and this blog.
 Wish I could buy my own domain so I could change it. :)


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