At Abreeza's Fashion Forum, Style Origin head stylist Luis Espiritu shared that you should always dress for the occasion. In this case, I tried to. It was a fashion show, specifically a designer one. Although it was held in the mall, I did want to dress up more than the usual casual way. I wore my maxi dress with my white blazer and miracle of miracles, I wore heels! 

Stylish Saturdays: Emma Watson


You know how on Mean Girls, one of those wannabes go "Regina George is flawless"? Well, my own adaptation to that would be "Emma Watson is flawless". My other girl crushes may come and go, but she'll always definitely be part of my list. I only used to like her because she is smart, not to mention beautiful as well. Right now, I like her even more because she's upped her style ante.

Echostore Davao


I feel that my blog's slowly turning from a fashion blog to a more general lifestyle blog cause I've been blogging about fitness and A LOT more about food places recently. Blame it (or not) on Davao's burgeoning food scene. I'm really glad that there's so much more variety to Davao eats now and that there are food places away from the mall! Like I said, I prefer these out-of-the-way places because sometimes malls can get too crowded and I like the coziness of these small, out-of-the-way places.

Dressv Sexy Long Homecoming Dresses 2014


photo from

Awards season is over but I noticed that during the time, a LOT of celebrities chose to sport different shades of blue. During the 2014 SAG Awards alone, celebrities such as Amy Adams, Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin were spotted in the cool hue. Who could also forget the Oscar's  Best Supporting Actress Lupita Nyong'o in that blue Prada gown? She was the epitome of perfection! I'm actually torn between which is my favorite blue dress look--the other one being Kate Middleton in that blue Issa dress which she wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement. I, too, love blue, particularly navy, because it can exude either class, elegance, sophistication or fun, depending on the shade! Plus, I also look good in it. Hihi. That being said,, one of my trusted go-to online shops which customizes gowns according to your size and preference, is no short of having a wide selection of blue sexy (homecoming) dresses.



My 23rd year is starting off with a bang!
 I've got so many things lined up in the next few months that I'm excited to share with you all.

Crazy Wraps


As of the moment, I really love out-of-the-way eating places, compared to those found in the mall. They tend to be more special and charming. The area around Tionko and Mabini has been a favorite of mine lately as there are tons of food places opening--it's like the (UP) Maginhawa Street of Davao. One of those places is Crazy Wraps. From SM Lanang, they've now moved to their own store at Tionko St, a few feet away from Saging Repablik.

Birthday Suit


I can't believe it's been a week already since I celebrated my 23rd birthday!

23 sounds so old but I sure don't feel that way. This was probably one of, if not, THE quietest birthday celebration I've had. I guess I said that of my birthday a few times already but this year, it felt most true. I guess my mistake was that I was looking forward to my actual birthday too much and expected everything to go perfectly, etc. I just put unnecessary pressure on myself so I invariably ended up disappointed. My birthday felt quiet because I didn't get to celebrate it with people outside of my family. We had lunch at Tiny Kitchen, dropped by Echostore and went home. My grandma got me a laptop though, my 3rd laptop given to me on my birthday in 5 years! I got one for my 18th birthday, got the (work) laptop from Mimi and Jun on my 21st and this one from my lola for my 23rd! That's the funniest coincidence, isn't it?

Anyway, this is what I wore on short notice. These are all old pieces I put together. I was supposed to wear that Banggood necklace I wore here but I didn't want to be too overdressed. I still wanted to look polished though. This is something I think a 23-year old would wear, but the pose above isn't something I think a 23-year old would do though! Haha (but yay for being able to do pull-ups)

top and blazer: Forever 21 || skirt: Cotton On || clutch: SM Accessories

I'll add more photos when I get the memory card! HAHA. Currently too lazy anything. :P


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Tourist In My Own Town


Around the same time my sister and I discovered new thrifting places, we also learned to appreciate the city's everyday-ness. Every now and then, I find that I need to get out of the bubble I'm in and explore a world foreign to the one I'm used to. Di lang pwede parating mall, school o bahay! My sister and I went around City Hall, which is at the center of the city, to take random photos. I ended up sooo inspired that day! It's true, there's culture and a story at every corner. I guess this is what I get from subscribing to the Humans of New York page (HONY). Haha! Hope you like the photos! :)


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