Stylish Saturdays: Emma Watson


You know how on Mean Girls, one of those wannabes go "Regina George is flawless"? Well, my own adaptation to that would be "Emma Watson is flawless". My other girl crushes may come and go, but she'll always definitely be part of my list. I only used to like her because she is smart, not to mention beautiful as well. Right now, I like her even more because she's upped her style ante.
It all started when I was searching for Emma Watson's airport outfits to find that photo I used as an inspiration for this outfit. It led me to a series of some more of her amazing airport looks and I got hooked!

Here's one I'd cop for a future trip! Love how chic yet young it is! Statement tee + bomber jacket + boots = lurve!

Would totally cop these other 2 as well! Emma Watson's personality shines through her clothing choices. They speak volumes about what she's like--a classy sophisticated young lady. As she famously said "The less you reveal, the more people can wonder". And I don't think she means just clothes. Real life too, probably. She's been very mum about her personal life, like my other life peg, Beyonce. I wish the (showbiz) world would have more people like them. They're worth emulating and di nakakaumay. In a world full of Lindsays and Kims, we need some Audreys.

Here are some other red carpet looks of hers I love. Her earlier red carpet looks were meh because she was a kid then and didn't know better but everyone did a double take when they saw her in this! I think this was probably for Goblet of Fire. She was also a revelation in that movie. It was like, goodbye scrawny unfashionable Hermione!

Another one of my favorite looks of hers, rocking the sheer trend.

This is my absolute favorite look of hers and I don't ever think I'll get sick of it. This is for Burberry, which she was the face of for some time. Perfect everything: styling, shoes and make-up! 

Her more recent looks are more grown up, like this last one which she wore to the Noah premiere and also the first photo I posted above. So classy. :)
What's your favorite Emma Watson look? Tell me and fan girl with me! :)

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  1. Oh em! One of my girl crushes too! Di ko alam if I love her or hate her for being soooo pretty. :))

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  3. Oh em! One of my girl crushes too! Di ko alam if I love her or hate her for being soooo pretty. :))Replicas de relojes



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