My 23rd year is starting off with a bang!
 I've got so many things lined up in the next few months that I'm excited to share with you all.

First up, I've been chosen forced(?) to represent our division for the Foto Modelo Ateneo 4 as a makeup artist. How random, right? I've taken workshops (Natasha, FIDA, Mad About Makeup) but never really got to apply and practice on anyone other than myself. I honestly am not that good--most of the time, I'm scared even--but I took on the challenge cause it might be good for me. I don't know though, I can't really tell yet. I like working with the team though (#teamEA awyizz) and meeting new people. :) I can't post BTS photos til after the contest though but you can view (and like!) our photos at Paragon Productions. Team Engineering and Architecture!

Second, I'm going to Manila in September to visit my sister and for a ChE conference. This time, I'm bringing a camera (can't let UP as a background for outfit shots go to waste! Haha). I want to show you where I went to school before, as well as the places I frequented. I also plan on trying a few food places that have opened up since I left, and maybe dropping by Intramuros. My sister has gone there and she's been gushing about how lovely it is.

Third and last, the best piece of news is....I'm going to Japan! :)

I applied for the JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network Exchange for Students and Youths) Programme which started in 2007. They invite participants from different countries in Asia (and even Australia, I think) to visit and experience Japan in 10 days. The Japanese government shoulders a bulk of the expenses (plane tickets, visa processing, food, accommodations and transportation in Japan), and there are different batches every now and then. My friends were able to join the Arts and Culture one last May, and there's an upcoming one that's for students specifically from Mindanao but I've also read that there was a batch for cosplay and pop culture! I joined the Mass Media batch, which is for people who are taking Journalism, Masscomm...or get this, have a blog and are willing to write about it (yep, that's me! :P) I know a couple others who got in from Ateneo--Cham, a fellow Davao fashion blogger who's also a masscomm student, and Brent, who happens to be one of the heads of Foto Modelo Ateneo 4 (also Masscomm). Lawl. I'd have to miss a week of school though (trying not to think about what I'd miss since we'll be away week before final exams..) so I promised myself that I'd be a good girl from now til then. (Good girl=study/make pondo high grades AND religiously go to the gym and eat healthy)

Can't wait to share my Japan adventure with you! I just need to complete a few more requirements.

PS. These photos were taken by my dad. I was supposed to wear my mom's Forever 21 bomber jacket to recreate a model off-duty look (hello heels, which I don't usually wear....) but my mom felt cold in the mall and had to use it. I liked the background though and my dad had to bend to get the perfect shots so I thought it'd be a shame not to use them.

PPS. I was amazed the guards at Abreeza actually let us take photos. They used to be really strict about that.

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  1. Wow!when are you going to the land of the Rising sun?:)



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