Remember September


You know the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends"? I think it could go two ways. One, the literal meaning: wake me up when September ends. Like, September is such a long, slow (and probably bad) month that you just wish it could be over. Or two, it could also mean that September is such a fast month. For me, I think it's the latter. I blinked and *poof*, before I could stop to catch my breath, I realize that September is coming to a close.

On a Roll


I am officially on a roll!

I've published 3 blog posts straight already! Congratulate me please. Haha. I don't remember the last time that's ever happened. As you can see, I'm sort of running on a blogging dry spell. Hopefully come semestral break, I'll be able to shoot more outfits with Mithi. =))

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013


The Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) is an event a lot of people (especially Havaianaticos everywhere in the Philippines) look forward to. I'm blessed cause this is the 2nd year I've been invited to experience MYOH again. 

Browhaus comes to Davao!


Last Saturday, Dawn, Rien, Pat and I were invited to Browhaus to learn more about the brand and try out their services. Browhaus is a Singaporean brand that has branches in Jakarta, Bangkok, London, New York, Manila and now, Davao. 

We Can't Stop


If you've noticed, for the past few posts I've been trying out different kinds of styles that are simply "not me". I've tried out a sporty look, a slightly feminine look and now here's my slightly hipster/grunge look.

I Wanna Know What Love Is


Of the little I know of love, I know this much: love is so complicated and paradoxical that no word can fully encompass it nor define it. Why do you think people try to classify it in four kinds: agape, philia, eros and . Anyway why am I talking about something I know so little of? I guess it’s the effect of my Philosophy readings seeping into my system. I try as hard as I can to understand much of it [love, and the readings as well] and so far, I’ve picked up quite a few things to supplement my meager understanding of it.



There are about 3 "new" things I did for this post. First, I am in a statement shirt. (Can I get a whoop whoop here?) Second, I am also jumping on the skater skirt bandwagon. Whoop, whoop! Badaboom! Third, I am decked head to toe in just one brand. Just one brand. It's crazy, I swear.


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