Make Your Own Havaianas 2013


The Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) is an event a lot of people (especially Havaianaticos everywhere in the Philippines) look forward to. I'm blessed cause this is the 2nd year I've been invited to experience MYOH again. 

The event was held at Abreeza's Activity Center again, from September 13-15. I wanted to go to the actual opening with Pat, Wilson and Janvie but I had class so I went the next day (Saturday) before our Browhaus experience

photo from Janvie

I was really excited about this year's MYOH. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because of the color choices and combinations, or maybe because I haven't attended a fashion/blogger event in such a long time! Either way, I had a lot of fun choosing which color of sole to match with my strap and the like. It was really hard and I took a really long time choosing, just ask Dawn. I think in her exasperation, she just advised me to get a watermelon combination, just like that blogpost here. (It could become my trademark! Haha) I wanted to buy so many pairs!!

love the orange and gold one! Love them all actually!

And apparently, a lot of people had already purchased several pairs before me because I ran out of the pin I wanted (and they ran out of ALL the space themed pins as well and it was just the second day!) and they ran out of my size for the sole so I had to get a bigger one, which is okay. Crazy how everyone just wanted to grab a pair! Well, I would've bought like a whole rainbow of Havaianas too, if I had the money. Everything looked really yummy!

The Make Your Own Havaianas this year's  pièce de résistance was Dan Matutina's glow-in-the-dark space themed sole. According to Havaianas, this represented how Havaianas enables everyone's creative spirit to take off to greater heights. Sky is literally the limit, especially when there are so many combinations to choose from! (The mathematical side of my mind was working overtime, thinking of all the combinations I could actually make with all the colors of straps and pins. I would give a number, but I don't have pertinent and verified data as to the number of different straps, pins and soles there were. HAHA ohmygawd, nerd talk ruining the festive and colorful moment hahaha)

So anyway, here's my pair, Watermelondrea. Haha. I haven't worn her yet! It's too pretty to get dirty. But swear, outfit post with her soon! :)

Thank you Ms Kathy for inviting me, and Martish (ate Marga and Tisha) and Havaianas for my pair! :)


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