On a Roll


I am officially on a roll!

I've published 3 blog posts straight already! Congratulate me please. Haha. I don't remember the last time that's ever happened. As you can see, I'm sort of running on a blogging dry spell. Hopefully come semestral break, I'll be able to shoot more outfits with Mithi. =))

Anyway, this is what I wore last Wednesday. I woke up with absolutely no idea in mind whatsoever as to what I should wear. I just knew I wanted, no, needed to wear a skirt as the heat was unbearable! I initially wanted to wear a soccer jersey and a pencil skirt, just because I've seen those kinds of looks all over the internet especially during New York Fashion Week. However, when I tried the combination on, it looked gross. Why is it like that, sometimes some things look just so good in your mind but when you actualize it, it's not? The same thing goes for problems too. You think some problems are huge and unbearable but when you tell someone, it ends up sounding so trivial.

Anyway, just my luck. When I opened my Facebook account I saw one of my favorite bloggers Jessica of Hapatime had just posted a photo of her latest outfit shot:

Then *ding ding ding*! In my head bells started ringing. I loved the simplicity of the outfit so much that I tried to create my own version and that is what I came up with. I wore the glittery skirt because I just need a bit of drama, although I'm glad the sparkles are not so obvious in the daylight. I also love the fact that I look like I just donned a black long sleeved dress, but up close, they're different colors and textures! (Plus the fact that it is slimming does not hurt one bit! ;) )  I brought the Good Year cap only because I don't normally wear caps and I don't have any other caps! I was hoping to bump into Aidx that day (and hoping he was wearing a cap!) just so I could borrow his. I'm sure he'd understand the blogger dilemma! Haha. I like how the cap didn't go with anything in my outfit AT ALL. It's so boring to be so perfect and predictable all the time! But no, I didn't wear the cap to school. Only for the outfit shots =))

Anyway, this isn't one of those "intense", thought-provoking, earth-shattering  posts of mine. This is one of those "filler" posts, as I'd like to call them. As much as I want to avoid filler posts, I can't always be intense and I can't always have "deep" posts or else you guys will think I'm all work and no fun. HAHA. Besides, my brain (and yours too!) needs breaks from time to time.

top: department store || skirt and shoes: Cotton On || bag: gift || photos: Lorraine
So, how'd you like the outfit? :)

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