There are about 3 "new" things I did for this post. First, I am in a statement shirt. (Can I get a whoop whoop here?) Second, I am also jumping on the skater skirt bandwagon. Whoop, whoop! Badaboom! Third, I am decked head to toe in just one brand. Just one brand. It's crazy, I swear.

First of all, the shirt. My close friends know that I'm fond of plain tees and that I don't usually buy tees with statements on them because I feel that they are easy to remember and recognize. I've been searching for the perfect statement tee but I haven't found it yet, although this comes close. I can't really say that I feel like a rookie (except well, being a sporty style rookie) but I liked the font (very collegiate varsity) so I bought it.

Second, the skater skirt! It's been around for awhile now. It probably emerged last year but only now have I tried it. I was hesitant to at first cause I thought it would be unforgiving but so far, it's been alright. Better than tiered skirts which are very unforgiving for bottom-heavy gals like me. I'm also really picky with the fabric and length (plus the fact that skirts like these are hard to come by in my size) so I'm glad I found this.

Last, I'm decked head to toe in Cotton On. It feels weird for me cause I don't really believe in dressing in one brand from head to foot (there's just something so weird and so wrong about it for me). But first, let me just clear it out. I am in no way affiliated nor am I being sponsored by the brand (although I wish I was!), I just really like their clothes. In a time of fast fashion and everything is copied then mass produced, at a time when there are so much choices, you just tend to get overwhelmed by it all and get sick of fashion. However, Cotton On to me seems like a breath of fresh air. I love their trendy and timeless, yet relaxed and stylish pieces. I love that I can pair their separates with other items of clothing and style each of them up a bit differently.

So anyway, I didnt really have any outfit inspiration in mind but I bought both these pieces together and when I tried both on, my mother told me I looked younger (must be the bright color of the shirt!). To me, it gave off this cheerleader vibe so I paired the outfit with my bag from OASAP--which I call my snob bag cause you have to carry it like a branded bag since the zipper's broke--because cheerleaders are often portrayed as queen bees. Although when I look at the photos now, my outfit looks a bit plain. I think I should've posed with a tiara, don't you think? Haha. I was actually gonna wear a cap but I forgot it at home.

top, skirt and sneaks: Cotton On || bag: OASAP || photos: Lorraine
Anyway, hope you liked the outfit!
Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. well, i don't think you are a rookie at the sporty look at all, you are rocking it! and than tee is a perfect color :D

  2. Wow, love your look! Everything looks perfect together!
    definitely following!




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