I'm a Sad Excuse for a Blogger (My Manila Trip)


top: at our forever dinner place--Flaming Wings; middle: some KEM 08's that were at Inter-U; bottom: 10B at NaChES (minus Jenny)
 Just sharing some photos from my recent weekend trip to Manila. No, my trip cannot be summarized in just these 3 paltry photos. I'm just a sad excuse for a "blogger" as I had forgotten my camera. :( Anyway, I attended a Chemical Engineering conference organized by my former org, UP KEM with some of my classmates from Ateneo (UGH I dont even have a pic with them!! How sad is that?).

 Anyway, I arrived Friday night. I was supposed to meet Cheyser but my friends' flights were moved to 12:30am! (They were supposed to leave at 9pm, arrive at 11pm and then we could all ride together to QC) The MRT closes at 10pm so I opted to go to QC earlier instead. (Ya I know I could've ridden a cab but it's so expensive and I was being such a spendthrift since I was using my own money) Sad. I really was looking forward to meeting up with Cheys. :( BTW my friends arrived at 3:30am!

The whole of Saturday was the National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NaChES) held at the National Institute of Physics. More than 450 students came that they had to have another room for the walk-in applicants. Uh, how's that for #biggestnationalChEevent? The topic this year was about Catalysts. To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to the topic since I knew very little about it and I thought it would be boring. However, my misconceptions were cleared as I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the topic. That afternoon, there was a series of parallel sessions and then a workshop followed. I picked Biocatalysts. For the workshop, I was with Vemar and our group was one of those in the top 3. Woot, woot! Then Saturday night, I had dinner with my 10B bitches at Flaming Wings. It's been our go-to place for dinners ever since ever. Oh yeah it rained HARD also Saturday night. I'm so not used to it. Good thing I was able to get a cab.

top L-R: with Xtia, my sister from another mister; with Allan the (rich) gasoline boy and THE Justin Quintos; with my sexy and fab buddy Nezi
bottom L-R: with Arianne, with Nico and with Ayessa

Sunday was my free/shopping day. There was another event (SCENE, a corporate mixer) which was scheduled for the evening but I chose not to attend. You've already read about my shopping mishap here, so let me just tell you what I did for Sunday. I ate at Taco Bell (yes it's worth mentioning as I love Taco Bell even if it's fast food! Haha. Bring Taco Bell to Davao!!!) then went (window) shopping and then I went to Ayala to meet up with Ayessa. Like the usual, we walked around the mall and then we ate at Vanilla Cupcakery (owned by the same owners of Kamiseta I think?). At around 5, I had to leave as I would be meeting Dexter and Cindel for dinner. Dexter the working boy treated us to Conti's, I treated them to dessert and coffee at CBTL and Cindel paid for the cab ride home. Hahaha :P So sad Heidi couldnt come though :/

top: Mango|| cardigan: Landmark || flipflops: Havaianas

Lastly, Monday was the day I was due to fly home. ZestAir informed me the day before though that my flight was moved to 7pm instead of the original 5pm so I still had quite some time to spare. I dropped by Inter-U, the Chemical Engineering quiz show. Monday was also KEM's 59th birthday, but I didn't get to attend since it would be held after Inter-U. Anyway, I left at around 2:30pm with Cindel. We were supposed to meet up with Emmae, Dex and Anne as Anne would be leaving to study her masters abroad (eff my friends are studying their masters na and I'm still in college!) but we woke up late and wouldnt be able to make so we went to Ayala (again) instead. We ate a super late lunch and I bought JCo donuts for my family. Good thing the line at Glorietta was shorter compared to the one I saw at Trinoma! I think I just waited 10mins. Afterwards, I went to the airport and flew home. Lol. hashtag backtoreality.

My weekend was pretty short but sweet. I really wish I had more time and I wish I could've taken outfit shots at beautiful UP but like I said I left my cam and my friends were busy with the event so I couldn't just ask them to leave to take outfit shots. Hopefully soon! "Luckily" though, I was able to ask Xtia to snap a shot of what I wore on Monday before leaving. I was inspired by Hollywood actresses and models who look simple yet chic and comfortable at the airport and I channeled that into my outfit. I wore tights (every traveller's best friend as it is light and doesnt wrinkle!) and a loose top from Mango with the cardigan I bought the day before. I wore flipflops cause I was afraid it would rain!

Anyway, I want to say thank you to all my friends who made time for me and took care of me. Thank you Macey (and the Particomm) for being extra accommodating and taking care of most, if not all of our needs. Thank you to my guy friends (Allan, Ian, Hal and Dex) for feeding me, and Nico for picking me up at the dorm in the rain. Huhu. Even though those may seem little to you, I want to cry every time I remember all those. I'm super touched cause I rarely ever get to experience that now. Thank you to my Ateneo friends (Migs, Vemar, Rolyn, Joebe, Krisha, Mycah, Soph, Elaine, Gela, Marian, Ken and Miriam) for coming. I hope you guys learned and enjoyed. (Char as if ako nag-organize!) Thank you 10B (Nico, Audrey, Shane, Raei, Lalit, Arianne, Ish, Choli, Angelica and Jenny) for the dinner. Thank you Jane and Yess for accompanying me. Thank you pops for paying for my ticket and giving me money even though you said you wouldnt! Haha. :P And thank you God for keeping us safe throughout the weekend. Thank you dahil di kami naabutan ng bagyo! And to my other friends who I didnt see, I hope to see you soon! :) (parang artista lang!)

I'm already excited for my sembreak trip with Mia this October! Cebuuuu!
And with that I go cause I have to studaaaay for 4 exams! Haha :P (I'm so sabaw)


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  1. Why was I Cindel first then became Jane sa may huli?? hahaha :P Welcome effie. :p visit ka ulit~! :p



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