Forgive the mini-hiatus and slightly grainy photos. First of all, I should've blogged about more outfits because I had a 5-day weekend (sadly commencing today) but I was out those 5 4 days (I'll be out later too though so... haha. I'm lucky that I didn't get assigned much homework!) Anyway, I hope I can get back to regular programming soon! And I hope I'll have more to blog about as I'll be flying out to Manila this Friday for a conference organized by my old organization, UP KEM. :)

This is probably one of my favorite outfits (even if my mother says it's too colorful). There are times we disagree on what to wear, like she thinks what I pick is too loud or there are times I think what she suggests I wear seem too mature for me. From what I've learned so far about fashion is that to curate your own personal style, you have to listen to yourself and not to other people. That's what makes personal style personal. If you think it looks good on you, then wear it. The fashion "rules" just give you a guideline. How you dress ultimately ends up in your hands. Like me, I'm generally a rule follower but there are days when I feel like stepping out of my comfort zone.

Although I (weirdly) feel like sometimes like I'm hiding something when I wear too much color. Like I rely on the loudness of what I wear to compensate for something. Ugh. I'm psychoanalyzing myself.

Well what do you think about the outfit? Is this too loud?

So anyway while I was looking at these photos, I thought the look was perfect for like, a PR girl working a party. The pencil skirt was conservative yet eye-catching. The top is actually long and can be worn as a tunic but I tucked it in so the whole outfit looked like work wear...but interesting. :))

These photos were taken in...guess where! The restroom at Abreeza. Hahaha. The whole outfit was too busy so Lorraine and I thought it was pertinent that we take it against a white backdrop. The lighting was yellow so when I edited these, they became a tad grainy. Sorry about that. These were taken during the Eid'l Fitr weekend last week, when we had a girls' day out. :)

top: department store || skirt: Forever 21 || shoes: mom's || photos: Lorraine's iPhone

Hope you liked these! xx


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  1. ahhh, you look awesome, and no way is it too colorful! it could be more colorful! MORE! :) xox

  2. I don't think it looks too loud.
    And your title is actually perfect for this ensemble because you remind me of a pretty watermelon! haha..
    I'm loving the outfit. The color combination is just gorgeous.
    Keep posting! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    1. Thank you Frances for the comment :)



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