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One of the blogs I subscribe to lately is Aimee Song's Song of Style (thanks to Sam's influence!). I love her blog because she's effortlessly elegant even though she wears plain clothes. To me, when someone wears basic separates and still manages to look elegant, then she's got IT. She's classy. She's stylish and she knows it which is why she doesn't have to prove anything through wild prints and loud colors. It's the kind of style I'm hoping I achieve and wishing I actually can pull off! Sometimes though I feel a tad insecure of myself so I compensate with wearing too much brights, something my mom and sister noticed.


top and shorts: SM Department Store || ankle-strap shoes: Mom's || photos: Lorraine's iPhone
Anyway, enough about me! I noticed that in Aimee's blog, she's often pictured wearing shorts, a loose top, her red Chanel bag, shades and of course, killer heels! Although lately, I've noticed that she tends to gravitate towards ankle strap heels more. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of open toed shoes. Other than having to constantly maintain a pedicure, there's something about them (open toed heels in particular!) that screams unstable to me (I'm kind of a klutz which is why I hardly ever wear heels). But, when I saw Aimee (and other bloggers) wear them, and when I found this pair lying around the house, I thought "why the hell not do my own version?" So here it is.
Hope I did it justice? :)
 By the way, I'll let you in on a little secret: I've learnt that the secret to the BEST effortlessly chic looks are a mix of high (branded) and low (cheaper) fashion items.

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