One random food post


Say hello to one HUGE Riley Simon burger!

My brother and I shared this little monster. I ate 5/8 of it and felt so guilty after but when I heard my friend Sam ate 3/4 of it, I felt better! HAHA jk (that's only 1/8 more than mine, meh).

In other news, Davao started the plastic ban yesterday and I am happy to note that when I bought food awhile ago to take home, I was given a brown bag! A few small steps can help in the long run! :)

How are you spending Friday?
I am waiting for my sister to come home so we can watch Awkward season 2 together!!

If the cape fits..


Right now, I have this fascination with capes. I guess it's because summer's officially over, ushering in the colder season. Unfortunately, it doesn't get too cold in the Philippines so if I wore a cape (even in December), it would probably look silly. Anyway, I love capes cause they instantly give this richer, posher vibe. Here are some, worn by celebs, fictional characters and real people:

cape cape cape
Olivia Wilde

Eva Mendes

Pinned Image
Blair Waldorf

When is it too much?


I'm having a dilemma.

I've been given a couple of store credit to use to purchase items from a shop and my BIG problem is what to spend it on. I know, I know. There are more pressing problems in the world right now but this entry is about how I feel at the moment.

I know people who are among the Philippines' top bloggers and so I hear firsthand about their stories of how brands approach them, what they are offered and what they get. For a small, relatively unknown blogger like me, their stories sometimes make me green with envy. Whenever I express my awe, "you're so lucky", they tell me to just work hard for my time will come soon too.

...and slowly, it has. I think.

Todo Merkado


Yesterday, my family and I went to Damosa to check out Todo Merkado. It's a weekend night market catering to would-be and small entrepreneurs.

OASAP Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Because I've been such a bad blogger for not posting since Monday, I'm making it up to you guys with a huge giveaway from one of my favorite brands, OASAP. It's a HUGE giveaway, they're giving 152 dresses!!

Rules (Mandatory):
1. Sign in your account on (No account yet? Register and get a 20% off coupon code)
2. Click this link and choose a maximum of 3 dresses you like in your size!
3. Winners will be selected at random and contacted through emails used to register at

For extra entries:
Like Oasap on Facebook 
Follow Oasap on Pinterest
(And while you are at it, follow me on Pinterest as well!!

Comment with your Facebook name and Pinterest nameif you did the extra entries. :)

Giveaway ends July 10!

Father's Day


shoes: OASAP

This is what I wore today to Father's Day dinner. After church, we ate at Spirale for dinner but I was a rebel and ordered take out from Army Navy cause I was craving for the chicken burrito. I dunno why I decided to wear this romper on this particular day. Maybe cause I was too lazy? Anyway, I bought this and was supposed to wear it for the Bench show during fashion week. And if you've read my previous posts, I wasn't able to go so this is the first time I wore this out.

Anyway, sorry for ugly photos again! I had my sister take the photos at home already cause Abreeza closed on us. :( I'm off to bed now. My class is at 10am but I'll be headed to the gym early for 2 hours of Zumba! Yep, I re-enrolled! Bahaha. Wish me luck, hope I can wake up! (By the way, please check my fitness blog?)

Happy Father's day to my dad and my lolo who I miss so much! :">

How did you spend Father's Day?

Love School, Love Sale, Love SOUL


SOUL Lifestyle came up with something JUST for students!!


100 FREE CARDS to be given away to the first 100 students to register. All you need is a validated ID which says you are enrolled this school year!

When: Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where: SOUL Gaisano Mall, 10am - 7pm

What's up for grabs?

- exclusive shopping discount privilege to welcome the school year

- 10% discount on ALL PURCHASES

- can be used ALL THE DAYS of the week (it used to be just Wednesdays, right?)
- valid for 1 school year (SY 2012-2013)
- can also be used in SOUL Abreeza and Pickled & Peppered Gaisano Mall

PS. Be in your most stylish as Cheyser of might be there to take your photo for her blog! :)

Havaianas Filipinas 2012 Collection

Last Thursday, I got a little something from Havaianas. I swear, they are always so creative and thematic when it comes to giving us presents. Anyway, here is what I got.

I love the native woven folder so much! I used it in school the next day.  J



bag: from Cheyser

Wearing basics again. This was what I actually showed up for errands instead of the outfit posted here. I just wanted to show you that your simple white polo and denim shorts combo can create and evoke a lot of different styles and moods. Basically, pairing those two would serve as a blank canvass. For this outfit, I channeled lazy, carefree, laidback (I hope I did, anyway) and ready to do the dirty work.

ACTUALLY, in my polo, shorts and flats, I felt like a mom who was going to go on an errand and was gonna pick up her kid. So I picked my tribal slouchy bag so I would at least feel young. My polo was also pretty much crumpled already, a far cry from the polished mommy look I was afraid to evoke. I noticed that sometimes in my looks, there is something wrong with a piece--or like, something is mismatched. I like it (when looking at an outfit) when everything isn't perfect. Other than that, I'm pretty much OC. :D

Anyway, how was the first day of school for you guys? Mine was pretty interesting!

I went to my second class and as I approached the room, my guy classmate nearest to the door opened it for me. I walked inside, trying to find a seat on the other side of the room but I wasn't able to so I sat down next to him. "Student? Student?", he asked. And when I nodded, my classmates all cheered! They thought I was the teacher! Ouch. Talk about looking old. :| But yeah, funny and unforgettable moment. And yeah, in my engineering drawing class, I'm only one of three girls. Sausage fest!! I immediately missed my ES1 classmates and teacher in UP ('sup Eka, Iya, Louie and Diane?).

How was your first day? :)

SOUL for Style Origin 2012

Last Saturday, we attended the Style Origin High Street Fashion Show at Abreeza. There were actually 2 shows that afternoon but we didn't go to the menswear one.

Fashion High


look at my calves, all worked up!

shoes: OASAP
bag: Sultang

Happy 114th Independence Day, Philippines! :)

This is what I wore to do errands last week. I helped pick out clothes for SOUL for the fashion show and help Cheyser take her outfit shots. She was kind enough to return the favor and do mine as well. :) So if you see, the photos are really nice but my face isn't! My memory card got reformatted and when I recovered the files, the pictures I was eyeing got destroyed! Good thing I was able to salvage some.

Anyway, I have to say, I did not expect that playing stylist for a day would be so taxing! And we just went through the racks of 1 store, so can you imagine what it must be like for more in-demand stylists who have to go through more stores? But, there was definitely a fashion high when we finally found THE outfits for the ramp. Add to that the positive feedback everyone gave and everything was all better again. :)

I am really loving these shoes from OASAP by the way. You know I don't walk in heels much but these were really comfy :)



photos taken by Cheyser using Gail's cam

jacket: Vintage Dior (from Blanc et Noir)
top: Forever21
nails: Nail Bar

Finally found an occasion for me to parade my vintage find: the Style Origin Fashion Show at Abreeza! It being another Bloggers from the South x SOUL event, we all dressed up of course. It had been long since we all got together for the love of fashion and this was a special occasion: Cheyser and Gail walked the ramp for SOUL Lifestyle (will be making a separate post about that)!

This is one of my favorite outfits because I was able to try to do the hi-low. One of the tips to make a truly wonderful outfit is to mix your high-end and low-end pieces together. A lot of the really great fashionistas and It girls do it all the time. :)

Hope you like the outfit as much as I do! (Although I think it would've looked better with heels!)
What do you think? 

Tips for Dormers!


Since school is about to start, I wanted to share some tips for the incoming freshmen about living in dorms. I've lived in both on-campus and off-campus housing for 3 years. I've stayed in Kalayaan, Dormitoryana (an all-girls dorm in Katipunan), Kamia, Sampaguita dorms in UP so I have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve.

Eats Just Gotta be a Goodlife


Title's so corny/cheesy but I can't help myself. "Good Life" by OneRepublic is stuck on my mind! HAHA. Anyway, some photos of the sweet eats I indulged in this past week.
-Tiny Kitchen Frozen Chocolate Brazo for my dad's birthday
-Starbucks with Cheyser yesterday
-Churros with Jun, Mimi and Cheyser last Wednesday

Should've been more but everything was so hectic and I was so hungry I failed to take photos before chomping. :) Off to catch Rachel Zoe Project season 4 now on ETC :))

(last 2 photos from Cheyser's instagram)

New In


got my new heels from OASAP
They're really comfy even if they are sky high!

pens from my little friends Yllana and Ysa.
Sweetie pies thought of me <3 

 Bag from Mimi from her BKK trip!
It's our friendship bag! She, Cheyser and I all have the same one! :)

Preview June 2012 with my barkada on the cover! HAHA
Been looking for this forever! Thanks for buying it for me, mom! :)

The past 3 days have been busy days! As school nears, I am now missing the feeling of laying around the house. But at least, I am now ENROLLED!! Today was lucky cause the line at school wasn't long! :) And thank God for those times I was in a blogging frenzy. Those pre-made entries saved my ass especially since I haven't been online much these past few days!

Anyway, Friday tomorrow! Hooray! :)

Freshmen Tips: How to Dress Up for School


Another school year, another batch of fresh meat in college. And just because school is almost starting again for us college kids, I just want to give some tips to the incoming freshmen about their wardrobe choices.

For Ateneans (in Davao) or schools with uniforms who only have one day a week for wash day, I know it is tempting to go ALL OUT on that single day you get to wear casual clothes but hold yourselves! For schools without uniforms, here are some tips to remember as well:

1) Remember what days your wash days are.
Some people actually do forget wash day days.

2) Better be safe than sorry.
Remember the dress code. I know it's a pain but remember, true fashionistas shine, dress code or no dress code. Not sure of what length the guard allows in? Wear it longer. You can't risk being late for class over an argument with the guard. Remember, you're going to school for school; not to walk down the runway.

What's in my bag?


current bag I'm using: from H&M
  tissue || Salad wallet from Bauhaus || planner || keys || notepad || Pilot G-tech pen || highlighter from Heidi (from back in 2nd year!!) || 2 USBs || Samsung dual sim cellphone || ID || earohones ||cosmetics

I'm pretty low maintenance. :)
(Maybelline cosmetics from Vern and Verniece :))
School/work musts: Pilot G-tech pen || highlighter from Heidi || 2 USBs (the red one for SOUL, white one for school) || SOUL Lifestyle notepad || personalized planner

Because I have nothing much to post about, I thought about doing a post about what is inside my bag. I'm currently using my H&M bag which I got from our trip in HK. I haven't changed my bag since then (Mostly cause I'm too lazy to).

Most important are my planner, wallet, ID, phone and keys. My planner because I forget what I need to do for the day unless I write it down. I like ticking off boxes from my to-do list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also carry the most basic of kikay needs: powder, lipbalm and blush. I also don't buy much cosmetics even though I love looking at them because I know I won't have time to use them. These I have are gifts from Vern and Verniece. :) I also use a wide-toothed comb cause it doesn't damage my hair as much.

That's it! If it's school, I carry around a reusable water jug as well.
With that, I save money and save the Earth! :)

What's inside your bag?

Watermelon Nails

My new watermelon nails courtesy of Nail Bar! :)
Do you like them? :)

Blanc et Noir


Yesterday, while Manila had Bloggers United 3, I spent my day out with my friends Mithi, Lea and Jane. We went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. It was good considering it was Kristen Stewart but I thought it was a mixture of different movies like Harry Potter (Mithi couldn't get why but just watch it and tell me if you didn't feel a Harry Potter influence), Narnia and a few others I forgot. We ate dinner at Lachi's, but Jane had to leave after and so Mithi, Lea and I had nothing left to do. We were driving aimlessly around the city then Mithi had this brilliant idea to drop by Blanc et Noir over at Casa de Habana compound.

Dulcinea and Sbarro now open in Abreeza

Last night, my family and I had dinner in Abreeza. We discovered that Dulcinea and Sbarro were already open! I know they opened that day cause I was in Abreeza just the day before and they weren't! Head over to Dulcinea now. Their Paella Valenciana and Gambas are both divine! <3

Sbarro/Dulcinea is located beside Teriyaki Boy, 2/F Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City :)

What Matters Most


first years in UP during the Oblation Run HAHA

This week I was still feeling a bit bummed, insecure, jealous and all the negative feelings I could feel cause of my Manila trip that was canceled at the last minute. I told myself that there WILL be other times and my perfect time wasn't now. So while waiting for that time, I will better myself and make myself perfect. Still, trying to convince yourself isn't enough. You need some sort of validation because you can always reason out and ask WHY. Like, "Why was he/she able to and I wasn't? I know I am more passionate about it than him/her. Why me? I know I've been good" (Hello reasons of mine)

I got mine on Thursday.

Trendspotting: Peplum


(Photos from their respective blogs)

Peplums are making a comeback (albeit slowly)!

Spotted on the runway in the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week, this trend is a heaven-send for those with athletic figures. The overlapping skirt gives an illusion of curves. But curvy girls need not worry about this trend making them look fat. Verniece is a bit curvy but she rocks this dress from SOUL Lifestyle. The peplum trend also lends a little glam and sophisticated factor, just like in Camille and Patricia's looks. Just be sure to pair it with a structured top to balance it out. :)

PS. It's June!!!  (I didn't have an entry to welcome the first of June *sad face*)


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