Fashion High


look at my calves, all worked up!

shoes: OASAP
bag: Sultang

Happy 114th Independence Day, Philippines! :)

This is what I wore to do errands last week. I helped pick out clothes for SOUL for the fashion show and help Cheyser take her outfit shots. She was kind enough to return the favor and do mine as well. :) So if you see, the photos are really nice but my face isn't! My memory card got reformatted and when I recovered the files, the pictures I was eyeing got destroyed! Good thing I was able to salvage some.

Anyway, I have to say, I did not expect that playing stylist for a day would be so taxing! And we just went through the racks of 1 store, so can you imagine what it must be like for more in-demand stylists who have to go through more stores? But, there was definitely a fashion high when we finally found THE outfits for the ramp. Add to that the positive feedback everyone gave and everything was all better again. :)

I am really loving these shoes from OASAP by the way. You know I don't walk in heels much but these were really comfy :)


  1. love your shoes too, Farrah! and the bag too!! <3 major looooove :)

  2. Cute shoes Far! :)



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