Trendspotting: Peplum


(Photos from their respective blogs)

Peplums are making a comeback (albeit slowly)!

Spotted on the runway in the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week, this trend is a heaven-send for those with athletic figures. The overlapping skirt gives an illusion of curves. But curvy girls need not worry about this trend making them look fat. Verniece is a bit curvy but she rocks this dress from SOUL Lifestyle. The peplum trend also lends a little glam and sophisticated factor, just like in Camille and Patricia's looks. Just be sure to pair it with a structured top to balance it out. :)

PS. It's June!!!  (I didn't have an entry to welcome the first of June *sad face*)


  1. Love the overall look of the first model! Very clever and chic skirt indeed!

  2. Hey! Nice blog. Anyhoo, I just would like to ask something (since you are coming from the same school as I am, you would have some idea about this question I'm about to ask) if it's okay. (omg I sound annoying sorry)

    I'm an incoming first year student in the Ateneo, and I have a couple of skirts in my wardrobe. Is there like, any dress code rule in ADDU about wearing skirts/dresses? Is 2 inches above the knee skirt okay? I'm worried I'll show up in school completely not following the dress code. Haha.


    1. I think it's in the handbook. I think its okay as long as its below the knee. Just to be safe, wear something below the knee. Then after the guard lets you in, pull your skirt or dress back up (if you wanna wear it short)! HAHA (such a BI) anyway, thanks for visiting my blog :)



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