Father's Day


shoes: OASAP

This is what I wore today to Father's Day dinner. After church, we ate at Spirale for dinner but I was a rebel and ordered take out from Army Navy cause I was craving for the chicken burrito. I dunno why I decided to wear this romper on this particular day. Maybe cause I was too lazy? Anyway, I bought this and was supposed to wear it for the Bench show during fashion week. And if you've read my previous posts, I wasn't able to go so this is the first time I wore this out.

Anyway, sorry for ugly photos again! I had my sister take the photos at home already cause Abreeza closed on us. :( I'm off to bed now. My class is at 10am but I'll be headed to the gym early for 2 hours of Zumba! Yep, I re-enrolled! Bahaha. Wish me luck, hope I can wake up! (By the way, please check my fitness blog?)

Happy Father's day to my dad and my lolo who I miss so much! :">

How did you spend Father's Day?


  1. Hey Farrah, I really love the your rompers! It looks great with the necklace that you accessorized it with. Amry Navy?! Yum! I was just there the other day. I love their iced tea too. Happy Father's Day to your dad! Oh and how was the service in Abreeza, Spirale? I've only been to the Spirale branch in Damosa. =)

    1. Thank you Mel for your long comment! :) Thank you so much for the compliment. I haven't tried the iced tea in Army Navy though. I will, next time! Sobrang daming tao kasi. Service in Spirale was okay, but they're not super attentive. You have to call their attention pa if you need something. :)

  2. your bag is sooo beautiful !



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