Tips for Dormers!


Since school is about to start, I wanted to share some tips for the incoming freshmen about living in dorms. I've lived in both on-campus and off-campus housing for 3 years. I've stayed in Kalayaan, Dormitoryana (an all-girls dorm in Katipunan), Kamia, Sampaguita dorms in UP so I have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve.

First things first,
the dorm checklist.

Bring a pail, water dipper (especially if you live in Kalay or other places whose water source is not very reliable. It'd be handy for laundering your undies as well), permanent marker/Sharpie, LOCK, laundry hamper/bag (for dirty clothes), storage bins (for food, underwear, etc), trash bin, toiletry case with handle (for when you take a bath), hangers, bed sheets and pillows.

1) Learn to be open, understanding and accepting.
Inevitably, your roommate will be different from you. You both will have different preferences, having come from different backgrounds. So, you have to be open to understanding her preferences and not just charge and force your way. To clear everything out, talk. It'd be easier to agree on things when you guys aren't that close yet. It's weird but honestly, it's harder to be honest to a close friend.

2) Label, label, and lock.
Label, especially with food in a dorm with a common refrigerator. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have been robbed of food, even though our room was just right beside the dorm refrigerator. Even my friend Dexter's donuts which we gave him for his birthday were not spared! Usually, it's best to label them with a "DO NOT TOUCH, Bio Experiment". Honestly, it works.

Label also your personal belongings and label the bed you want to have if ever you get to the room first.

Lock your cabinet and keep your valuables there (aka laptop, jewelry, money, and food if you don't like sharing)!

3) Keep your key with you at ALL times!
The most basic rule of dorming. Yes, even when you are in the shower.

4) Be ready for EVERYTHING
and do I mean everything!

From the gross, like hair on the shower stall doors to pads on the walls (ick, sorry I had to do that but it's a reality) to real emergencies like in case of floods (have bottled water, canned goods and a flash light on hand), the dorm experience will be as enriching (if not, more enriching) as your college experience.

5) Wear cute pajamas
I'm half-serious, half-joking here though

Pros: You don't have bad photos to look at when you're older; if there's a fire, you would look decent (and not homeless) on TV
Cons: I dunno. Uncomfortability? Ratty shirts are love.

...but when it all comes down to it, it doesn't matter. My dorm mates from freshman year have seen me at my ugliest, most hideous. When I'm decked out, they know it isn't the real me; just a facade. And to me, there is something comforting about people knowing the real you, which bonds you like family.

Some of my batch mates in Kalay have already graduated. We are friends on Facebook but we don't communicate as before; just a simple 'hey' or a wave when we see each other along the way. But still, even if they may not remember me and shiz, I am proud albeit pressured that they survived UP, others with flying colors. :">

Sorry, this is such a random post. :)) Again, I was unable to finish properly what I started. Still, I hope it helped somehow.

School tomorrow for others!!! Ours starts on Wednesday! :P


  1. nice post. :)
    hihi cute yung number 5! :))

  2. also stayed in a dorm during my first year of college. i was able to survive because of them. damayan talaga. :)




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