What's in my bag?


current bag I'm using: from H&M
  tissue || Salad wallet from Bauhaus || planner || keys || notepad || Pilot G-tech pen || highlighter from Heidi (from back in 2nd year!!) || 2 USBs || Samsung dual sim cellphone || ID || earohones ||cosmetics

I'm pretty low maintenance. :)
(Maybelline cosmetics from Vern and Verniece :))
School/work musts: Pilot G-tech pen || highlighter from Heidi || 2 USBs (the red one for SOUL, white one for school) || SOUL Lifestyle notepad || personalized planner

Because I have nothing much to post about, I thought about doing a post about what is inside my bag. I'm currently using my H&M bag which I got from our trip in HK. I haven't changed my bag since then (Mostly cause I'm too lazy to).

Most important are my planner, wallet, ID, phone and keys. My planner because I forget what I need to do for the day unless I write it down. I like ticking off boxes from my to-do list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also carry the most basic of kikay needs: powder, lipbalm and blush. I also don't buy much cosmetics even though I love looking at them because I know I won't have time to use them. These I have are gifts from Vern and Verniece. :) I also use a wide-toothed comb cause it doesn't damage my hair as much.

That's it! If it's school, I carry around a reusable water jug as well.
With that, I save money and save the Earth! :)

What's inside your bag?



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