bag: from Cheyser

Wearing basics again. This was what I actually showed up for errands instead of the outfit posted here. I just wanted to show you that your simple white polo and denim shorts combo can create and evoke a lot of different styles and moods. Basically, pairing those two would serve as a blank canvass. For this outfit, I channeled lazy, carefree, laidback (I hope I did, anyway) and ready to do the dirty work.

ACTUALLY, in my polo, shorts and flats, I felt like a mom who was going to go on an errand and was gonna pick up her kid. So I picked my tribal slouchy bag so I would at least feel young. My polo was also pretty much crumpled already, a far cry from the polished mommy look I was afraid to evoke. I noticed that sometimes in my looks, there is something wrong with a piece--or like, something is mismatched. I like it (when looking at an outfit) when everything isn't perfect. Other than that, I'm pretty much OC. :D

Anyway, how was the first day of school for you guys? Mine was pretty interesting!

I went to my second class and as I approached the room, my guy classmate nearest to the door opened it for me. I walked inside, trying to find a seat on the other side of the room but I wasn't able to so I sat down next to him. "Student? Student?", he asked. And when I nodded, my classmates all cheered! They thought I was the teacher! Ouch. Talk about looking old. :| But yeah, funny and unforgettable moment. And yeah, in my engineering drawing class, I'm only one of three girls. Sausage fest!! I immediately missed my ES1 classmates and teacher in UP ('sup Eka, Iya, Louie and Diane?).

How was your first day? :)


  1. Basics are fun and very friendly.:)

    Anyways, I liked the bag.


  2. Your flats and bag are both so adorable. I love it!

    1. thank you so much! also for the follow :)



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