What Matters Most


first years in UP during the Oblation Run HAHA

This week I was still feeling a bit bummed, insecure, jealous and all the negative feelings I could feel cause of my Manila trip that was canceled at the last minute. I told myself that there WILL be other times and my perfect time wasn't now. So while waiting for that time, I will better myself and make myself perfect. Still, trying to convince yourself isn't enough. You need some sort of validation because you can always reason out and ask WHY. Like, "Why was he/she able to and I wasn't? I know I am more passionate about it than him/her. Why me? I know I've been good" (Hello reasons of mine)

I got mine on Thursday.

I woke up Thursday morning to a text from World Vision that our sponsored child Mark Oliver finished 4th grade at the top of his class. When I shared this to my friends (we all sponsor him together), it just felt so heartwarming. <3 I can't articulate how I felt but it did give me a reason to smile all day.

Thursday was also the day that my baby brother "graduated" from Italianni's Kiddie Chef Academy. He was named Best Kiddie Chef. He told his "teachers" there that I inspired him to want to learn how to cook =) <3

Growing a tummy already in his chef's uniform
And Thursday was also the day my friends and I met up at Cindel's house. At last, after about half a year or more, the 5 of us were complete! And even though we are older, we still act like total loony bins when we all get together :)

I look at our pictures then and now and I think we've come a long way. Mithi already graduated and our friend Lea will be off to med school. I know it would be harder for us to find time to be complete again and act crazy together so it was so great that for that day in time, we were able to.

So that night, before we left Cindel's house and took in the cool air by their patio, I cherished the moments we were having. They served as my family in Manila. We each served as each others. Knowing that we are inevitably going through a new chapter in life (with new people in it), it was reassuring to know that they were willing to take time off from their own lives to get together. We could still count on each other to be there.

Helping someone who helps themselves.
Being an inspiration to someone you love.
Having someone to be there no matter what.

Some of the things in life that matter most. <3


  1. :')
    I remember my mom not being okay with the whole World Vision thing but I stuck to it because there's something special about helping someone, especially when you're doing it with friends. Now, my mom wants us to continue helping Mark Oliver, especially after that news that he was at the top of his class. :)

    I just have to say, awesome friends are awesome. I super enjoyed that night at Jane's with you guys. I'll miss you ladies!



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