Todo Merkado


Yesterday, my family and I went to Damosa to check out Todo Merkado. It's a weekend night market catering to would-be and small entrepreneurs.

Lala's Barbeque. Some good bbq! I think we were the reason for a bulk of their sales that night. >:)

My tita's stall. She sold siomai, chorizo and ube jam. The ube jam is a MUST TRY. Once you start, you can't stop!!

Caught in the act!!! Someone enjoyed her siomai too much! :)

Aztec backpack my sister was eyeing. So expensive!

My cousin and I went around stalls. We stopped by Father Franco's stall. They sell spreads like Pesto, Tuna in Herb, Puttanesca, Vegetarian Puttanesca, Sundried tomatoes (YUM) and the like. I really loved the Tuna in Herb one! SO good! You can use it as a spread or top on pasta. What's nice about it is that it's made in Father Franco's farm in Buda.

Kalye Ann-rie's ribs. My cousin told me the revel bar was to die for!

Bakwa, which was pork strips. So good as well!

Visit Todo Merkado at the Damosa Gateway,
all weekends starting June 16-July 8, from 3-10pm.


  1. Wow, I will definitely have to take a look this weekend! That bakwa looks good! =)

  2. On going pa to Farrah every weekend? I want to try the bbq :))



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