One random food post


Say hello to one HUGE Riley Simon burger!

My brother and I shared this little monster. I ate 5/8 of it and felt so guilty after but when I heard my friend Sam ate 3/4 of it, I felt better! HAHA jk (that's only 1/8 more than mine, meh).

In other news, Davao started the plastic ban yesterday and I am happy to note that when I bought food awhile ago to take home, I was given a brown bag! A few small steps can help in the long run! :)

How are you spending Friday?
I am waiting for my sister to come home so we can watch Awkward season 2 together!!

1 comment

  1. OMG, you're making me hungry! Ahah

    Kisses, Mina from the blog THE STYLE FEVER :)



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