Love School Love SOUL card launch


Last Wednesday, we had a mini, unplanned reunion at SOUL Lifestyle Gaisano Mall for the Love School || Love Sale || Love SOUL card launch! It's a free card in limited quantities given to students! Just present your valid school ID and *poof*, you are entitled to a 10% discount in purchases from SOUL Lifestyle Gaisano Mall and Abreeza, as well as Pickled and Peppered Gaisano Mall. Now, you yourself can be a recessionista ala Pedregosa! HAHA. Being stylish will hardly ever be a problem! 

We (by we I mean Kwesh, Aidx and I) came straight from school so we were in school clothes. Well, I was in school clothes. Kweshie told me when I sent her a text, "I'm so not ready and fasyown!!!" Um, look at her. It's more than fasyown for a normal day, right? Haha. Hi Kwesh! :) Anyway, I just grabbed photos from SOUL's Instagram (Instagram name: mysoulsister). Was busy live updating the event (tweeting, Instagram-ing) that I forgot to take photos for my blog. :(

Anyway, if you weren't able to get a card, watch out for the next time we'll be giving away cards at SOUL. Or you can tweet me or comment if you want a card now na. As in NOW NA!!! (But, you must be a student & you must be in Davao so we can meet up!) Girls, guys and half girls/guys can avail of it! :)

Thank you to everyone who came! And, OH YEAH! A special shout out to Marianne Navarro who approached me at the event and told me she reads my blog and learned a lot from it! *tears* Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. <3


  1. You are so sweet :3 I'm following, I'm a fashion blogger from Italy, visit my blog if you want ;)

  2. Hahaha! Mas fasyown si Aidx! I love his dip dyed studded polo! Seriously making one talaga soon!

  3. Ate, you're so sweet! More power ate. Follow your heart. <3 xoxo



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