Freshmen Tips: How to Dress Up for School


Another school year, another batch of fresh meat in college. And just because school is almost starting again for us college kids, I just want to give some tips to the incoming freshmen about their wardrobe choices.

For Ateneans (in Davao) or schools with uniforms who only have one day a week for wash day, I know it is tempting to go ALL OUT on that single day you get to wear casual clothes but hold yourselves! For schools without uniforms, here are some tips to remember as well:

1) Remember what days your wash days are.
Some people actually do forget wash day days.

2) Better be safe than sorry.
Remember the dress code. I know it's a pain but remember, true fashionistas shine, dress code or no dress code. Not sure of what length the guard allows in? Wear it longer. You can't risk being late for class over an argument with the guard. Remember, you're going to school for school; not to walk down the runway.

3) Dress for comfort.
Especially on your first day. Especially in UP.
You'll be walking around the whole day and unless you're used to it, better wear sneakers or rubber shoes. I scoffed at my dad's suggestion to wear sneaks during my first week in UP. Instead, I wore my new patent maroon flats. I got blisters at the end of the day. Bad thing was, no one even noticed my shoes! So yes, dress for comfort.

(PS. My friends from AdMU tell me that they usually know who the freshmen are cause they are dressed like they're going to a club. So, keep that in mind)

4) Don't abandon yourself even though college can be so busy.
Have a fool-proof outfit for one of those days you don't want to think of what to wear.
Pair your basic tee (either black/white/navy/gray) with your choice bottom (jeans or shorts) and then mix it up with necklaces, cardigans, scarves, hats and other accessories.

I have a few clothes myself so I buy basic tees in neutral colors and wear it with different accessories.
Wearing the same shirt from Topshop. Bet you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you :-)

Wore these here and here. Same tank top :-)

So, yeah...



5) Don't be afraid to be different
College is a period of freedom in your life! Go wild while your body can still pull off the colors, cuts and whuts. So experiment, experiment, experiment! The legendary Diana Vreeland was once quoted: "We all need a splash of bad taste; no taste is what I am against." 

Anyway, hope I was able to help share some insights (even if I think some things I posted have clashing views). Feel free to comment below if you have questions!

Coming up soon, my post about dorm living! :-)


  1. agree on all the points! :)

  2. This is very helpful for me! :)


    1. glad to have helped! good luck! :)

  3. Very interesting post. Great suggestions too! =)

  4. Wow, that's a lot of effort for dressing up on the first day - I never thought about it (and didn't really care either) but for people who are concerned with their looks, this will truly help.

    1. i hope it will haha. its okay. guys have it easy anyway. shirt + pants + shoes = ready.

  5. Nice tips for college freshmen.. It would surely help them get through their daily school days for the schools who doesnt require uniforms :)

  6. naalala ko tuloy college ko jan addu. Ang mga lalake walang uniform, everyday wash day. Ang araw lang ng uniform namin is during ROTC saturdays or PE days. white shirt, jeans and reliable doc martens ayun solbs na

    1. HAHAHA napag-aalaman na ang age dahil diyan! I know Ateneo started having uniforms 2001-ish? boo :(

  7. Isa lang masasabi ko... I miss College Life! Haaaayyyssss...



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