I'm a Sad Excuse for a Blogger (My Manila Trip)


top: at our forever dinner place--Flaming Wings; middle: some KEM 08's that were at Inter-U; bottom: 10B at NaChES (minus Jenny)
 Just sharing some photos from my recent weekend trip to Manila. No, my trip cannot be summarized in just these 3 paltry photos. I'm just a sad excuse for a "blogger" as I had forgotten my camera. :( Anyway, I attended a Chemical Engineering conference organized by my former org, UP KEM with some of my classmates from Ateneo (UGH I dont even have a pic with them!! How sad is that?).

The One that Got Away


So I am wearing this pair of pink pants in two consecutive posts. This reminds me of the time I wore my blue blazer thrice in a row as well. I feel slightly embarrassed about it. 

But this wasn't supposed to happen.

Pink Panther


This is gonna be a really quick post (or not, depends on how I feel...or how fast I can simultaneously think of something intelligent to type). Hahaha. 

Anyway, by the time this is posted, I'll probably be in Manila, having dinner with Cheyser whom I haven't seen and talked to properly in a year now.  :P



Forgive the mini-hiatus and slightly grainy photos. First of all, I should've blogged about more outfits because I had a 5-day weekend (sadly commencing today) but I was out those 5 4 days (I'll be out later too though so... haha. I'm lucky that I didn't get assigned much homework!) Anyway, I hope I can get back to regular programming soon! And I hope I'll have more to blog about as I'll be flying out to Manila this Friday for a conference organized by my old organization, UP KEM. :)

Song of Style


One of the blogs I subscribe to lately is Aimee Song's Song of Style (thanks to Sam's influence!). I love her blog because she's effortlessly elegant even though she wears plain clothes. To me, when someone wears basic separates and still manages to look elegant, then she's got IT. She's classy. She's stylish and she knows it which is why she doesn't have to prove anything through wild prints and loud colors. It's the kind of style I'm hoping I achieve and wishing I actually can pull off! Sometimes though I feel a tad insecure of myself so I compensate with wearing too much brights, something my mom and sister noticed.

Socially Awkward Penguin


I spend A LOT of time in the library which is why it should come as no surprise that this was one location I had in mind for an outfit shot. I'm at the lib so much that the guards, circulation staff and internet reservation staff know me already. What can I say? The library is a haven for people like me who have no permanent hang-out. Being an irregular student (I have both 3rd and 4th year subjects) in a school that has block sectioning, there are times wherein my classmates have classes when I don't so where do I go? Naturally, to the library. Alone.

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Happy August 1st! :)

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