Milan S/S 2011 Favorites Pt 2


Another one of my favorites from the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week was Moschino. It was eye-catching, playful, and I love black and white worn together with other colors. And it's funny, because I have been having this thing for polka dots and I haven't seen an awesome polka dotted execution in a while. 

This collection to me has an awesome retro/cowboy feel. But it's too you know, aggressive. It's playful, yet powerful.

I love the Moschino Cheap and Chic collection as well. It evoked a different kind of playfulness--more baby kinda brights/brights for the younger set. Colors were in turquoise, pink, yellow. 

This outfit feels like something I would see people wear to those formal tea/garden parties in Europe, where the women are in twin sets and hats--except for a younger set.

This one feels like something I'd wear to a tennis match, probably because of the white top and bottom, but the jacket is just gorge!

This gingham dress reminds me of the Wild Wild West for some reason, but made garden-y/girly by the neckline and wedges. (for lunch out with your friends on like, a golf course or something)

Well, another one of my favorites is Prada's collection. I just love the stripes and the monkeys! The monkey details were just the cutest unexpected addition. Unexpected because well, when I think of monkeys, I think of the hairy ones in the zoo, and they are totally not glamorous.

So colorful, it feels like a fiesta!

Not sure I'm a huge fan of those wedge/sneaker things though. They seem a little too much.

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