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got my new heels from OASAP
They're really comfy even if they are sky high!

pens from my little friends Yllana and Ysa.
Sweetie pies thought of me <3 

 Bag from Mimi from her BKK trip!
It's our friendship bag! She, Cheyser and I all have the same one! :)

Preview June 2012 with my barkada on the cover! HAHA
Been looking for this forever! Thanks for buying it for me, mom! :)

The past 3 days have been busy days! As school nears, I am now missing the feeling of laying around the house. But at least, I am now ENROLLED!! Today was lucky cause the line at school wasn't long! :) And thank God for those times I was in a blogging frenzy. Those pre-made entries saved my ass especially since I haven't been online much these past few days!

Anyway, Friday tomorrow! Hooray! :)


  1. wow. been eyeing that shoes at oasap! too bad they already run out of stock..tsk

    1. they're nice no? :) and affordable! $28 lang :)

  2. these are hot. what's the material?

  3. Red hot shoes! :)

    PS. Please tell your "kabarkada" Georgina that she's so pretty and I have a girl crush on her. HAHAHA

    1. HAHAHA! I love how you went along with it! >:D Ya, I know, she's my friend but i crush her too! HAHAHA (your comment made my day!) thanks love :)

  4. I love your shoes!!! I'm sure they'd look better worn :-) Am planning to get red heels too! :D

    Btw I'm having a giveaway! Benefit make-up! Do check it out Blog Giveaway: Benefit Lipglosses :-)

    xx Forever Nineteen

    1. Hi! I checked your blog! You're from Ateneo de Manila pala! :) Im from AdDU! and i made an outfit post for the shoes! Hope i do it justice haha :)



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