Browhaus comes to Davao!


Last Saturday, Dawn, Rien, Pat and I were invited to Browhaus to learn more about the brand and try out their services. Browhaus is a Singaporean brand that has branches in Jakarta, Bangkok, London, New York, Manila and now, Davao. 

I can definitely say that Browhaus is different from other brow salons because for one, they really focus on quality. They are honestly a bit pricier than most brow salons I go to but the price you pay for justifies the service they give you. For one, their brow architects train for a minimum of two months in Manila and/or Singapore AND must pass a pain test. Their services are also timed, and they have their own line of specially developed products. For example, they have Extend, a lash and brow serum which can help your brows grow faster, which according to Ms Monique, people hoard excessively!

Anyway, one thing Browhaus can promise you is definitely a less painful experience (up to 90% less pain). I can attest to that. I had my lashes permed just last Thursday (my first time!) and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect. When you say lash perming, I imagine a giant pair of curlers crimping my lashes or something; sort of like a torturous experience if you may. But I chose to avail of the said service since my friends noticed that I always curl my lashes and put on mascara that they suggested I get a lash extension instead. This was the next best thing to a lash extension since I have pretty long lashes anyway, they're just not curly. Oh the things women go through (or invent!) for the sake of beauty! :))

Ms. Monique Jamlang, me, Dawn and Rien

Anyway, when Dana (the one who did my lash perm), was doing it, I didn't feel anything at all. I was asking her, "what are you doing?" and all the while she was pulling my lashes one by one to get them to curl. After an hour, this was the final product:

photos from Dawn, except the last one of course! :P
I have to say, I am just more than in love with my lashes! Ever since I got the perm, I've been waking up everyday in the morning, trying to check if they aren't curly anymore but I wake up feeling like a 50's pin-up girl with my curly lashes. Love! There is a huge difference now cause I feel like they've really opened up my eyes, and I still feel glamorous (and fabulash!) even though I'm not wearing make-up. And ever since I've posted a photo of my lashes on Facebook, a lot of my friends have been chatting me up asking about the service. Hehehe. I'm such a good endorser/influence! >:)

Well, here's the good news! You too can avail of Browhaus's services here in Davao AND at 50% off til October 4, 2013. But, if you're reading this entry and it's past October 4 (or if for some weird reason, you're reading this now and wanna have your brows or lashes done after October 4), you can still avail of the 50% off on your first time IF you mention that I, Farrah Garcia, referred you. Really.

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Contact Browhaus Davao at 0917-8712033 to book your appointment.
Thank you Browhaus, Ms. Monique and Dana for a truly fabulash experience! :)


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